best international haul ever

A few days ago, I went to the post office to pick up a few parcels. What's great about my short-term memory is that it always feels like a surprise.

It feels like my birthday each time I rip open a plastic pouch. It's always a delight and definitely beats predictable shopping at the mall.

I've been online shopping from Hong Kong, Singapore and China almost every month for about 3 years now but this haul has got to be the best I have ever received within that duration.

First, let me introduce you to my new favorite shop: 6KS
Shipping takes a bit longer than Romwe but their merch is MINT! Seriously. Better than I could have ever anticipated.

Quality is comparable to that of Topshop and Zara for less than half the price plus their selections are always fun, stylish and unique.

Check out my loot:

First up is this ultra-elusive kawaii-ish leopard hoodie. I have been trying to order this from 3 different sites for a long time but it's always out of stock or not available to ship in our country. I finally have it and I'm soooo happy that it arrived just in time for my trip to Hong Kong. Weather is supposed to be freezing there right now with wind chill and everything so this is just perfect.

In person, it looks like a cross between a posh leopard print fur coat and a fun hoodie.

6ks leopard print hoodie
 Also, it doesn't shed! Sooo happy I finally have it. If you've been on the hunt for a similar coat, you can check it out HERE.

6ks leopard print hoodie
 The second thing I ordered was this New York Yankees baseball jacket that has got Dennis drooling. It's a combination of leather and traditional baseball jacket material with Yankees patches spread all around. I got mine in a size small and it fits like a dream! See it HERE. It goes up to a size XXL so maybe it can fit some guys as well. Anyway, there are measurements provided on site to be sure. :)

6ks new york yankees baseball jacket
 Next up this heart print button down shirt from Romwe. Planning to wear it this Valentine's because I've always been anti sappy, lovey-dovey so it'd be nice to change things up a bit as a uniformed soldier of love. (HAHA) Join my army? See it HERE.

ps. It's on sale right now but with very limited stocks left. Only 7 pcs for small :)

romwe heart button down shirt
 And last but MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE LEAST, this adorable leopard print camera bag from Persunmall!

It's the perfect size to lug around everyday plus the structured shape always keep my things well organized.

I love how it looks like a miniature vintage trunk with the metal corner protectors. The combination of leopard pony hair fur with leather trim was just also really irresistible for me. It's a great, great bag and it just makes me feel really, really happy. :)

You can check it out HERE

persunmall leopard print camera bag
persunmall leopard print shoulder bag

What about you? What are your favorite finds this month? Have you ever tried shopping through international websites? What's your experience like?



Hollie Damz said…
woah! that leopard hoodie is super adorable! love the camera bag, it's a total head turner. that red button down shirt is lovely as well... gaaahh! I love everything! LOL
sarahtirona said…
hahaha, best talaga ever, tuwang tuwa pa din ako :)
heartofatigress said…
I'm drooling over the NY jacket and the tiger print camera bag!