capital cities live in manila (glorietta)

This 2014, Ayala Malls promises to bring several exciting live acts in a series of free concerts set in their different shopping malls.

Kicking it off was Los Angeles based, Coachella playing, indie pop duo: Capital Cities!

Glorietta's Activity Center was filled to the brim from top to bottom with dancing, twirling and singing fans and mall goers. It was an awesome chance to experience their unique sound in an intimate setting. A rare treat especially considering the degree of fame they have recently acquired.

Watching Capital Cities live is a totally different experience from listening to their pre-recorded music. On CD/mp3, their sound leans more towards the electronic and EDM-ish. When live, popular tracks like Kangaroo Court and Safe and Sound take on a super cool and super fun funkadelic feel. It almost feels as if you're being transported into a discotheque of yesteryears. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. It also helps that they're brimming with energy and really know how to work a crowd.

At one point Sebu Simonian even dove in with the crowd and started dancing. It was totally awesome especially for those fans who were able to catch one of several Capital Cities shirts they threw into the crowd during their performance.

(I was not one of them but the experience in itself was enough reward and a great way to begin my #YOLO2014 resolution.)

Here are some photos I took during the concert:

capital cities glorietta
capital cities live manila
capital cities ryan merchant
capital cities sebu simonian
capital cities
capital cities filipino trumpet player
capital cities manila
capital cities glorietta vibe
capital cities live manila
And a snippet of Capital Cities performing Safe and Sound live at Glorietta 2:

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sarahtirona said…
hahahaha :)
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When will the Smudge Sticks and new Lip Glaze trios be available in the UK?
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hi mari! they should be on counter by now :)
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I don't know! I order Stila online.
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I asked local marketing here, they said it should be available online internationally already :)
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