cynos argan oil review

I went out without conditioning my hair yesterday and it was okay.

I haven't had that privilege for years.

Eversince I bleached my hair blonde a couple years back, it never seemed to fully recover. Without conditioner, it's usually SUPER tangled and frizzy...similar to tangled Barbie/My Little Pony hair...totally unmanageable, you know how stubborn that can get. If I go one day without conditioner, I usually break and lose hair strands from tugging and pulling...that is why I NEVER go a day without it, until yesterday.

cynos argan oil
I was so impressed with the results after using Cynos Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil that I decided to see just how nourishing this product really is by skipping all the other steps and just using the shampoo by itself.

cynos argan oil shampoo only - no filter, no edit, taken with my iphone under sunlight
Lo and behold, it works...meaning I got the exact same result as using grocery-bought shampoo and conditioner. Yes! Exactly the same but in way less time and effort. This is such a big deal for me because there are times when I really need to rush out and would like to skip the conditioning process but I can't, now I can :D

What makes Cynos Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil special?

  1. The shampoo lathers nicely and you only need to use a small amount, a 1 peso sized amount is enough to clean my long, thick hair. (most of the other argan oil shampoos I've tried don't lather much, I need a good lather to feel clean) It doesn't strip away color, super super awesome for dry and treated hair.
  2. Same is true for the conditioner, you only need to use a small amount, I use less than half the amount I usually do with other other brands, makes my hair extremely manageable without being flat.
  3. Cynos Argan oil is great for travelling. It works wonders for the hair (commercial-like smooth and silky:P) and is great to use on the face and body as well, you can nix the other products and just travel with one bottle instead of 3 or 4.
  4. Use all 3 together and you end up with well-behaved hair even without blow-drying. Seriously. Apply the oil to damp hair and just leave to air-dry. Nobody will know the difference.
  5. Use all 3 and blow-dry? You end up with hair that looks like you just stepped out of the salon.
In case you're worried about ending up with unsightly greasy hair, don't. Just use a pea size amount of the oil, rub between your palms and spread evenly, your hair will immediately absorb it and look fantastic. Promise. :D

The Cynos Argan Oil line is available in Manila at: Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell (GB3, GB5), Bench Fix, Going Straight Salon, Tinette & Co, Nail-A-Holics, Louis Phillip Kee, Jimmy Liu Salon, Creation by Lourd Salon, Jessi Mendez ATC, Freshaire, Salon G2, Elevation Salon, JURO Salon, Emphasis Salon, Face 2 Face Lucky Chinatown

for more info on Cynos connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@cynosinsidehaircare)


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