deborah lippman silk collection swatches

Ladies, presenting the worst nail polish job ever published online...

HA-HA, okay well not really, but close. I can't paint my nails to save my life and I haven't found the time to visit a nail salon and these are three shades that I have to highlight. I am not hipster enough to sport three different shades in one hand so I did it myself just to demonstrate how these polishes translate to nails once applied.

deborah lippman silk collection swatches
Deborah Lippman's Silk Collection is the first of its kind to feature a matte finish with shimmer from can read more about the collection HERE.

deborah lippman silk collection swatches
All three are extremely easy to apply, they glide smoothly, finish evenly and dry extremely fast, almost right after application. 

Even people who are super pasmado (shaky hands) like me can produce a fairly decent manicure...

The Silk Collection is composed of three shades: Red Silk Boxers, Harem Silks From Bombay (deep purple) and Pseudo Silk Kimono (white):

deborah lippman red silk boxers swatch
deborah lippman harem silks from bombay swatch
deborah lippman pseudo silk kimono swatch
It's pretty difficult to capture the "shimmer from within" via photos but it's there, trust me :P They are especially visible in the red shade. The white is also very pretty in person, it has the look of expensive porcelain.

If you're into matte polish, these are definitely worth checking out. One of the best matte polishes I've tried with the most unique finish.

Deborah Lippman is available at The Beauty Source in all Rustans Department Stores nationwide.


Rhea said…
Cute shades. I love your tattoo!