g-shock world tour in manila - shock the world

Would you like to know how they came up with the idea for the first G-Shock?

It all started with a little accident.

Back in the day, watches were seen as a delicate and fragile instrument. One day, on his way to work as head of Casio's watch design, Kikuo Ibe accidentally dropped the watch his father gave him causing it to break into little pieces. That's when inspiration struck. He suddenly had a vision to build a watch that wouldn't break even when dropped.

kikuo ibe
The journey to G-Shock was long and hard. It seemed every design they came up with failed in one way or another. Upon hitting a brickwall, Kikuo decided to look for inspiration once again in everyday life and that's exactly where he found the answer they were searching for. From a little girl who was bouncing a ball across the street.

That was way back in 1983.

As the story goes, the rest is history.

To celebrate 30 years of making the coolest shockproof watches, G-Shock is having a world tour called "Shock The World" this February 28. It's a chance for fans to discover the latest from G-Shock and to meet the father of G-Shock himself, Mr. Kikuko Ibe.

For more information, visit www.shocktheworldmanila.com



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