mccormick rice cookers

I have been on a quest for the best Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken and Biryani in Manila. My search has finally ended and I found the answer right in the heart of my kitchen!

As Buddha says...look within yourself for answers before searching elsewhere...

Did Buddha really say that? Don't know, I just made it up in one of my bouts of "morning wisdom" or maybe I heard it somewhere before...probably the latter but anyway, looking to yourself when it comes to food is really ALWAYS the best answer.

Food that comes from straight from our own kitchens is always 100% more healthy and flavorful than anything you can order out. It's also way more affordable. Can I get an Amen on that???


If you're thinking haggard or complicated, think again and have a look at these photos...

mccormick rice cookers hainanese
mccormick rice cookers nasi lemak
mccormick rice cookers biryani
Looks good right?

And it isn't at all complicated to re-create these dishes at home. Being of Asian origin, they are very similar to some of our own homegrown favorites..i.e. Nasi Lemak = Tapsilog. Procedures are almost identical and it only takes a few minutes of prepping, googling and P25 to get the job done.

mccormick rice cookers
P25 for a packet of McCormick Rice Cookers.

McCormick Rice Cookers are the coolest thing to hit grocery shelves this year. They make it possible for any homemaker (experienced or not) to cook like a chef with this little packet doing most of the dirty work.

McCormick Rice Cookers eliminate the need for laborsome stocks, trips to the market or supermarket for coconut milk and expensive pastes that go bad quickly and are usually labeled in a foreign language rendering them intimidating and almost impossible to understand.

With a packet of this handy, all you have to do is mix it in with your rice before switching the power on of your rice cooker and voila, instant biryani, hainanese or nasi lemak coconut rice. All your left needing to do is grill that beef or steam that chicken with minutes left to spare for painting your nails or primping up before the hubby gets home. ;)

mccormick rice cookers
mccormick rice cookers
mccormick rice cookers
mccormick rice cookers

Go exploring and embrace the delicious flavors of Asia by picking up a packet or two or three of these McCormick Rice Cookers on your next grocery trip!

My personal fave is their Nasi Lemak, we have it all the time and it tastes good with all sorts of different things...experiment and have fun, these are practically fail proof and you never have to worry about botching things up. :)


Hazel said…
I've tried a similar product before and it worked for me too! :) Excited to see the results on you! Anyway, happy new year dear! :)
Angel said…
uy! nice! will definitely look for these at the grocery. thanks!
Vivek Singh said…
This rice can only be cooker in rice cooker or we can cook it in a normal way. I am also having a rice cooker i can use it. Is such rice is available in India.
sarahtirona said…
welcome :)
Amy said…
So you never followed this up?
sarahtirona said…
i never had the time and i was informed that the company that was bringing in rejuvelash had some legal issues. im not sure if its smoothed out by now. anyway, if you're wondering, it works but takes longer than revitalash. revitalash still works best for me :)
min said…
still work grow lash ??
sarah tirona said…
it works but takes longer than revitalash :)
Jov Dela Fuente said…
where i can buy rejuvelash?