onecklace monogram necklace

I have always wanted a monogram necklace ever since I got wind of those initial wax stamps used to seal envelopes. There's something so beautiful, timeless and old-wordly about them. It's no wonder that monograms used to be solely available to aristocracy and artists.

Nowadays, you don't need to have a last name infused with blue blood to own one. They're everywhere...towels, jammies, wax seals, but my favorite would still have to be on a necklace.

onecklace monogram necklace
I ordered my monogram necklace from oNecklace last December and it arrived at my doorstep just a couple of weeks after in time for the new year. And what an omen it was to receive something shiny and gold at the cusp of 2014. Just like my necklace, the beginning of this year has been nothing but positive for me. (Thank you, Lord)

Since then, I have been wearing it practically everyday and I love how it blends so well with my other gold jewelry. The color matches perfectly despite being made of 24k plated gold, you can hardly tell and it looks especially lovely when layered with other thin necklaces.

After weeks of abuse and not really taking extra special care of it (just wear and dump into closet afterwards), color is still the same and hasn't tarnished one bit. It also didn't give me any rashes across the neck so I'm thinking of ordering a smaller one for Nikola.  I also imagine these being superb bridesmaid gifts which I'm sure any girl will cherish for a long time. Maybe when the day comes and I decide to get married, I'll get these for them. ;)

monogram necklace by oNecklace


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