popcorn shoulder bag, milk bag - stylish and quirky bags

It was all about Kawaii inspired hoodies for me last December....

romwe panda hoodie
 I admit, totally out of character. I'm not really known for being into cutesy stuff but I couldn't resist these for some reason.

This January,being still on the same wavelength as last month and leaning towards the quirky, I am so obsessed with these whimsical bags from Romwe!

I find them totally adorable and I love the unexpected pop of fun they bring to a serious outfit.

Temporarily replacing my leather clutch bags for these:

romwe popcorn shoulder bag
romwe milk shoulder bag
romwe milk shoulder bag
 Here's what I mean...

They make you look like you don't take yourself too seriously. I love that...

milk bag street style
quirky bags street style
 What do you think? Are you jumping in on the "fun bags" (pun intended :P) bandwagon with me?

And look what else came in with my package, a cool beanie that was given to me as a Christmas gift! Pays to be loyal. Wearing this on my trip to HK. ;)

romwe skull cap
Everything is from ROMWE, you can check them out HERE and HERE.


ava te-zabat said…
these are sooooo cute!!
sarahtirona said…
they had a clock bag too but its been out of stock for the longest time. hate that i didn't get it as well when i could!
CJ said…
That carton bag!
Gellie Abogado said…
The popcorn bag is adorbs! I'd love to get one of those! :D

sarahtirona said…
it can fit a lot of stuff too! :)
sarahtirona said…
its my fave of the bunch as well :)