rejuvalash 21 day challenge

When it comes to eyelash serums, I'm guessing that what everybody really wants to know is if they really work and aren't just another expensive beauty myth.

Hair growers are a tricky subject with mixed reviews. 

I am quite the pessimist myself and don't often believe in products that promise to produce miracles...if they all delivered, old, saggy, wrinkly faces will be a thing of the past...but as both you and I know, they aren't and we must be our own personal trial and error chemists to come up with formulas that don't prevent but rather prolong the ageing process...

Anyway, going back to eyelash growth serums...

Do they work or don't they?


But not all of them.

Eyelash serums usually carry price tags that vary from around P1000 to upwards of P5000. 

When it comes to this product, you really get what you pay for.

I've tried the cheaper ones and no, they don't work. What worked for me in the past is Revitalash but the transformation was very gradual. It took about 6 months before I noticed results (i.e. when I was finally able to curl my lashes effortlessly...they were so short before even professional make-up artists had a difficult time doing it  for me). Still, I am very happy with my lashes and highly recommend the product. Only problem is, Revitalash is a bit pricey...costs about P6k for a regular sized mascara-like vial if I remember right.

Which brings us to Rejuvalash.

Rejuvalash retails for around P2k+ and promises results in 21 days.

rejuvalash review
I'm not sure about 21 days...eyelashes are short to begin with and I don't really know how to accurately measure them to check for minute growth but if it manages to maintain what Revitalash has done for me then I guess I'm sold...if in the long run my lashes grown even longer than better.

What I'm really after is a more affordable version of Revitalash.

If Rejuvalash can do the job for half the price, why not?

So let this 2nd day of January in 2014 commence the first day of my 21 day Rejuvalash challenge!

rejuvalash review
How it works:

Apply like liquid eyeliner at the base (where hair growth begins) of top and bottom eyelashes once a day. I usually do it before bed.

rejuvalash philippines
rejuvalash review
These are what my eyelashes look like right now. See you again on January 23 for an exclusive Rejuvalash update! :D

Rejuvalash is available via Glamourbox