shooting for converse "what would sneakers do" worldwide campaign

What Would Sneakers Do?

In life, there are two choices: To be safe and boring or to live life to the fullest and fill it with creativity.

This is the choice between being a boring shoe or a sneaker.

That is Converse' chosen statement for 2014.

To further promote their campaign, Converse shipped out 300 unique, limited edition boxes all over the world. The boxes were equipped with a camera, a tripod, Converse apparel and sneakers from their future line and a mission.

I was one of 300 in the world who was chosen to be a recipient of this box:

what would sneakers do in the rain
My mission was to come up with a creative way to shoot myself in the rain wearing a pair of "rainproof" weatherized Converse sneakers using the Nikon camera they provided and submit my photos raw without editing.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Wrong, here's the problem: 3 boxes landed in the Philippines but due to customs delays, they arrived on the day of the deadline: January 17.

That left me with about 6 hours to somehow find a way to summon rain and create something interesting.

I cannot dance for s#@* so a rain dance was definitely out of the question.

I decided to take it in the shower instead and make it look as "artsy" as I could with what I had.

This is what I came up with: IMHO, a sort of twisted whimsical birthday "tea time" setting with a basin as my stool/marker. :P (thank you Nikola for lending me some of your toys)

converse philippines what would sneakers do in the rain
The Result:

converse what would sneakers do in the rain
If I'm lucky, one of these photos will be included in a collage for their worldwide campaign (crossing fingers and hoping they understand my inability to call in rain and interpret my photos as clever and "out of the box" #BBSS :P).

Shooting for this was EXTREMELY COLD, challenging and uncomfortable...I drowned several times from inhaling too much water from the shower and it really hurt my eyes...(I learned to appreciate ANTM so much more) was the most fun I've had in front of a camera in awhile...



@PaulThePRGuy said…
Fun! Magawa din to.
Valerie said…
Ahh, lovin it!! Definite props for creativity, Sarah!! Makes me want those shoes now. :) Are they comfy?
sarahtirona said…
feel so proud and flattered esp coming from an artist such as you!!! <3 :D yup, they're comfy, they feel like normal chucks :)
sarahtirona said…
game, ako mag shoot....ppppleeeeeaaaassseeee? basain din kita! hahahaha
Jammy Tapiru said…
Very nice dress! I hope I'll win..
Jammy Tapiru
Twitter: @jammytapiru
ava te-zabat said…
this is definitely witty and artsy haha!
mia amor ilag said…
Ilag, Amor Mia
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