underwear by skechers!

What I wear underneath my clothes dictate my persona for the day. Nothing makes me feel more like trailer trash than stained underwear with holes. On the same note, white cotton panties make me feel virginal (:P) while lace always makes me feel a bit naughty.

Aside from making us feel good about ourselves, proper underwear can also make or break an outfit.

Good underwear also doesn't wear and tear easily.

Presenting Skechers Underwear!

Skechers underwear covers all those bases.

skechers underwear
The fun persona that Skechers brings to their footwear has been translated into a super cute line of intimates. There's a design for every mood and persona except maybe your trailer trash one...although they may have thongs that you can slip under low-rise jeans, I'm not so sure...

Kidding aside, Skechers panties come in different cuts to match all your different outfit and body type needs in a multitude of patterns that range from plain colors to animal prints, polka dots, florals and many others.

skechers philippines
For everyday comfort and for those who were cool before it was cool to be cool, get the hipster cut. On days when you're feeling a bit Jessica Alba and want to show off those toned buns, grab a pair of boylegs which emphasize the cuteness of your butt cheeks and allow them to peep out and say hi.

skechers underwear philippines
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