velvet rose lingerie haul + misconceptions

I've always thought of Velvet Rose lingerie as a go-to for naughty, teddies and such. It never really occurred to me that they might have some regular underwear in stock until recently.

As you all know, I have quite a difficult time finding my size when it comes to brassieres. My proportions aren't what local buyers might say is very profitable and in demand. I chance upon it once in awhile at Marks & Spencers and Debenhams, on rarer occasions and their "specialty size" always costs me an arm and a leg.

Who would've thought that I'd find alternatives in Velvet Rose?

I certainly didn't think so, but I did, and they were even on sale and in multiple styles, not just the regular nude minimizer type!

I found tube/bandeau tops that are perfect for the upcoming summer months, "pa-virgin" non-wired cotton lace bras which are super comfortable even for lounging around in, my favorite sports bra in a different color and bra clips which I think are an essential for every women to have...

How much did I get to save? A lot. Instead of spending around P1500/bra, I only had to shell out about P400/pair.

Indeed the best way to save money is to go searching for upcoming season essentials long before anyone even thinks about them...pretty sure those bandeau's and sports bras will be back to their original price come March when people start getting fit for the beach and their spaghetti strap/tube tops.

About the naughty stuff...don't worry, they're all still there and definitely don't disappoint. They've got crotch-less everything...tights, panties, candies, etc. They've also got a lot of sexy games and gimmicks that are perfect for bridal showers and adding spice to the bedroom when things begin to fizzle out.

ps. go all the way to the back of the store, that's where I find the sale items most of the time :)

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