wearable street style inspiration I

After style blogging for close to 5 years, there's one constant thing I need to remind myself every once in awhile..."Don't get carried away".

It gets a little boring and redundant doing traditional ootd's all the time so sometimes, I feel like switching things up. Try something new and different, sometimes a little eccentric and admittedly weird that I often regret posting...it's all in good fun but I also have to remember why you guys check out my blog (this is a wild guess?), I'm thinking it's to find something relatable? Something you can sort of emulate and turn into your own? Something that will inspire you to try something new but not weird and over the top.

In 2010, my interpretation of something new was weird platforms and crazy hair. This 2014 I've toned things down a bit...instead of weird accessories, let's try unexpected color combinations, prints and textures instead? Whatchuthink?

Here's some pretty awesome, super wearable yet still quite edgy and sophisticated ensembles that have piqued my fancy. Enjoy!



Anagon said…
Excited for phil fashion blogging scene this year!:)
sarahtirona said…
uwi ka na wala nang nag pi-picture sa akin. hahaha