wearable street style inspiration II

Like I mentioned in my previous post, fashion-wise, this 2014 will be all about trying new and different textures, prints and colors for me.

I would like to try and veer away from the traditional whilst still maintaining an edgy appeal with a classic undertone. (it's like I'm talking about wine). Most importantly, I would like to invest more in ultra versatile pieces that I can mix and match for different occasions.

Here's a couple awesome ideas to ponder:

Embellished jackets, chunky rhinestone necklaces and a ball skirt: I can see these pieces transition easily from day to night for any occasion...maybe not the ball skirt but it's a great alternative look for a formal event AND you can wear it more than once, just pair with a different top!

More black and blue please, the classic color combo looks especially cute with a flute skirt and sweater (note to self)

For days when I feel a little hipster...a black blazer can never do you worng. I bought mine on sale for only P500 many many seasons ago at Foreer21, I still use it to this day. And yes, I want a pair of low-cut Doc Martens...with all sort of funky socks!!!

Add edge to a super feminine ensemble by throwing in a pair of badass boots. Makes wearing pink a little more easy to stomach...especially this 2014 when a splash of pink is the "look du jour".

Try a midi skirt in an unusual print or texture. I look librarian-ish and a bit matronly in midi skirts but maybe I can get away with it if it's treated in a more funky, less traditional way. Love the architectural orange skirt on her.