wearable street style inspiration III

Remember my two previous posts on street style inspiration and new things to try this 2014? Here's a couple more...

Sweater dresses! LOVE THIS. Nothing is more comfortable for me than a sweater. Made into a dress??? I find it super cute and imagine it would feel like going out in a comforter wrapped around my body. Heaven.

Get over my fear of red clothing. Embrace it more and pair it with unusual color combinations like pink or orange:

And while we're at it, why not try maroon with mint green as well? Pretty!

And lastly, more flat shoes and mens trousers, please?

I hope this cold spell stays forever so we can all layer and have more fun getting dressed. Fearing the summer months already....if it's this cold now I'm thinking it's gonna be extra hot. Hope not.

QUESTION: Of all the inspirational looks I've posted, which one is your favorite? :)



Anagon said…
Nice!! Grabe ang init na dito sarah, di ko naabutan na cold!:p
sarahtirona said…
eh galing ka kse ng snow! pa a climatize ka muna ulit :P