body shop hair chalk review (on black hair)

Receiving Body Shop's hair chalk in the mail felt like a throwback to a couple years ago when I used to crazy experiment on my a span of a few months, I had it in pink, violet, red, green and platinum blonde. The amount of damage it caused to my hair was irreparable and the only thing I could do to fix it was  to wait for it to grow out then snip it off.

That was back then when you would need to bleach your hair crazy just to achieve the lift needed to get funky colors to show.

Nowadays, thank god for hair chalk. I have seen this around (mostly in online shops) but have never taken them seriously because most of the time, the stuff they sell were from unknown brands originating in China so I wasn't sure of the quality. I didn't want to chance myself into inhaling chalk powder that might be detrimental to my health and hair in the long run. I have learned my lesson (the hard way).

But now, with Body Shop being a reputable brand, I couldn't wait to experiment!

body shop hair chalk 
 Application is super easy, albeit, a little messy.

body shop hair chalk 
 YOU MUST protect your clothes with an old towel unless you want the chalk all over your shirt. Once you've done that, it's just a matter of gathering your hair in sections and rubbing the colour pad against it. You may have to do it several times over to achieve a vibrant color. Afterwards, just run a brush through your hair and seal with spray net.

Good thing about it though is that it doesn't leave stains, it easily washes off with soap and water.

body shop hair chalk review
 And here's what it looks like on my super eager daughter and her black, virgin hair:

body shop hair chalk on black hair
 She's been wanting to try blue hair ever since the whole Monster High craze. Which brings me to this point: it's a great tool for Halloween as well or kids' slumber parties. :P

body shop hair chalk review
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