chi-chie's restobar and grill

If you happen to find yourself in the Pasig/Kapitolyo area, check out Chi-Chie's Restobar and Grill.

Chi-Chie's is located along East Capitol Drive. The road where most restaurants in Kapitolyo can be found. It's further down the road towards the Church, a bit of a drive after POCO Deli.

Chi-Chie's offers cheap food and drinks with a friendly ambiance. There's a smoking area outside, air-conditioned dining area on the first floor and beer pong at the second floor.

INMHO, when you come to Chi-Chie's, it's best to skip on the appetizer and go straight for the "Inihaw".

I got to try most of the items on appetizer list, found the salt and pepper squid a bit too salty, the gambas shrimp a tad dry and fishy.

The nachos were good though and well worth your money. It comes in a generous plastic basket with ground beef, beans and cheese. Great for pulutan.

Adobong Kangkong - not bad or good, average but nice to order as a side dish for grilled dishes.

Garlic Mushrooms - watery and a bit tasteless, I think they need to sautee it a bit more to get the water out and the flavor in.

Now the good stuff.

Like I said, even for pulutan purposes, I suggest ordering these instead. They are delicious and VERY affordable, no exceptions.

Pork Barbecue
Kansi Soup (Free) - super yummy, great to pour over rice, make sure to ask for a cup or 2!
Boneless Bangus
Nilasing na Hipon - crisp and crunchy just the way it's supposed to be served, another awesome pulutan.
Salpicao - if you like Garlic Mushrooms, order this instead. Great as pulutan or main course. Meat isn't tough, nicely seasoned.

salpicao and nilasing na hipon
Kalderetang Kambing - not a fan of goat meat but I tried the sauce and potatoes, pretty good.

kalederetang kambing
 Beer at Chi-Chie's only costs P40, an average plate around P150. They have clean bathrooms, service is okay and it's great grub for very little money.

Chi-chie's is a great place to unwind with your friends and not have to worry about the total bill. ;)