common thread now open at greenbelt 5!

Attended the opening of common thread at Greenbelt 5 last night. A hit in Malaysia and Singapore, it is their first store in the Philippines. 

The new boutique was overflowing with cool merchandise and cool people.

common thread greenbelt 5
common thread greenbelt 5
Common Thread is a hub for all your basic wardrobe essentials and then some.

common thread philippines
common thread philippines
common thread opening greenbelt 5
They pride themselves on hand-picked inventory that they like to call "Style Anchors" - essentials that you always reach for because they complete your style story.

Indeed each one of us has our own personal style and Common Thread aspires to cultivate that in us further by choosing to stock brands that have the ability to compliment and enhance our diverse tastes and needs.

In store are brands such as Happy Socks, Bensimon, Levi's, Common Threa, Ray-ban, Thread 365, Praiaz, K-way, Hoola Sunglasses, Havaianas, Allegrina ballet flats and a lot more.

Funny story about Happy Socks is that I first encountered it while in Hong Kong a couple weeks ago. Dennis got a hole in his socks while were strolling in Harbour City and needed to buy a new pair. (In case you didn't know, Dennis is one of the stingiest people on Earth. You'd think he's Ilocano) There was a Volcom shop nearby and a couple other stores selling socks and then a Happy Socks kiosk. I was surprised that he chose to buy his replacement at Happy Socks. Theirs are a bit more pricey but according to him (Dennis), the fabric is really nice and the designs are quite unusual...weird? Yes, I would expect a phrase like that justifying my purchase to come from me but never in a million years did I ever expect it to come out of his mouth! will you ever fully understand them? :P

happy socks philippines
Moving on...I also saw the cutest pairs of Bensimon's there ever. Check out the polka pair below, how can you say no to that?

bensimon common thread
They also have large faced funky watches that are pretty affordable at around 4K-5K. That is pretty much the steep end at Common Thread. While browsing around, I noticed that most items are priced 2K below.

common thread photos
I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they stock locally made, organic bath and beauty label,  Leyende. I have been a big fan of Leyende for several years now. I used to be able to get my stuff from them during fairs at the Rockwell tent occasionally but now I can get them anytime I want at Common Thread!

common thread leyende
Aside from those, they also stock a lot of beach/festival essentials: Lagu blankets, bikinis, sunglasses, flip flops, totes, sunscreen, umbrellas, even headphones bu Urbanears and Loudbasstard speakers!

common thread lagu
common thread havaianas
common thread manila
common thread allegrina flats
common thread photos
These bags have a pretty interesting story behind them...owned by one of The Bloomfields band members, these shoulder bads are actually camera bags! They're padded inside and have a coated canvas shell which make them water resistant. Pretty cool.

common thread photos
loudbasstard common thread
And since most of the stuff they carry is plain, there's much room for DIY! You can tweak all you want in their "Customisation Bar" to make your purchase more "YOU"!

common thread personalise booth
Pretty neat! Common Thread isn't just a hip boutique for stylephiles, it's for everyone. A must check-out store when you're in Greenbelt 5.

To find out more, visit:
and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@commonthreadPH)



artmeetsfashion said…
Wow! Nice store. I'll visit soon :)