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Visited Velvet Rose Lingerie in Shangri-la for some pre-Valentine's shopping a few days ago. Almost everything was on sale, bras shapewear, toys, pajamas, swimsuits, etc. Most of them were being sold for as low as P500. It's a shame I wasn't in the market for new brassieres...I was there specifically to look for something interesting for Valentine's.

velvet rose lingerie
 Segway: If you have a girlfriend getting married sometime soon, now's the best time to shop for all your hen party essentials...

velvet rose shangrila
Back to shopping...

Yes, I did check out some of the naughty, crotch-less, booby-less, fishnet, lace (etc) lingerie but decided against it due to the fact of my being totally awkward and not able to tap into my inner (rawr) vixen. Knowing the way me and Dennis are, we would probably have a barrel of laughs until our sides hurt if I suddenly show up in "full sex gear". But that's just us cause we're more like best friends with benefits than serious kamasutra reading lovers. If I was more of a Beyonce type bootylicious diva then I might have picked up a couple...but I'm more Smurfette so..

Setting the lingerie aside, I got these instead:

The Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game and...dun dun dun....The Red Room expansion pack!

I've been eyeing this for many months but was a bit embarrassed to ask the girl behind the counter if I could take a look at it (because I am so mature like that) for fear of being judged...of course I totally didn't take into consideration that I was in a lingerie store and most people really shop for youknowwhats there (duh). So anyway, I finally summed up the courage and asked her not only to ring up my bill for the "Vanilla" game but the Red Room package as well!

fifty shades of grey party game
 I was bracing myself for something extremely wild and erotic but when I opened the box, I discovered that it was more of a Truth or Dare game for friends rather than a couple's bedroom (or kitchen or bathroom or car :P) sex game.

I wasn't so disappointed (ha-ha). Seriously, it's a pretty fun game to play on a girls night out/adult slumber party or for a bachelorette party. It's actually PERFECT for a Bachelorette Party. Especially the more lascivious red room expansion pack.

fifty shades of grey party game review
How to Play:

One player reads a question. All players individually pick the person they feel best fits the risque situation described in the question. Then answers are revealed and each player who’s picked the same person as the reader gets an “inner goddess” token. The first player to 20 tokens wins.

fifty shades of grey party game review
 It's a great and super fun way to get to know your friends more intimately. Don't worry about your secrets getting out, the game comes with Non Disclosure Agreements just like the book! Pretty cool.

fifty shades of grey game manila
 The basic game holds mostly "Vanilla" questions. If you're after questions that are a little more "hardcore" and sexually specific, then YOU MUST get the Red Room expansion pack.

fifty shades of grey game for sale philippines
There's the game (can't wait for the movie)! Check it out at Velvet Rose Lingerie stores nationwide.

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animetric said…
Ooh di ko nakita yan game na yan!
Mall Sale Lover said…
This is a fantastic sale! 50 shades game must be fun, loved the book too:-)
sarahtirona said…
it was behind the counter where all the kinky stuff is stocked :P
sarahtirona said…
yea, can't wait to try it with my friends :)
MarthaTBJ said…
Parang gusto ko rin nito hahaha!