hong kong #ootd day 4 (hulk mode)

Like I said in my previous post, I attempted to pack light for this trip so I would have more room in my luggage to bring stuff home. This explains why I only had one pair of pants with me - these Uniqlo jeggings that I wore on the plane. I was planning to wear them just for two days...coming and going since they are the comfiest pants I own. Rest of the stuff I brought was mostly skirts, skorts and tights.

Me and Ana have this term called "Hulk Mode". Hulk Mode is when you get irritated and uncomfortable with the clothes, shoes and accessories you have on and start to strip them off one by one (get the reference? :P). We usually go Hulk Mode on national events days when we spend the entire day in heels and dressy clothes. By late afternoon or evening we've usually stripped ourselves of our necklaces and heels, sometimes  even change our entire outfit into loose comfy shirts and sneakers.

Hulk Mode is what happened to me by the night of our 3rd day in Hong Kong. My (new) New Balance 996 sneakers were so comfy and cute that they were all I wanted to wear for the remainder of my vacation. I didn't feel like making "tiis ganda" again and squeezing my poor, calloused and abused feet into my leather shoes another time. Day 4 is when "fasyown ends" and practicality takes over. Still, it's so easy to look put together with a simple knit snood. I love snoods and I wish we could wear them here in the Philippines as well.

Another thing. When travelling, wear everything Uniqlo (this is not sponsored btw), I swear they are the comfiest clothes ever! :P

new balance street style
yellow sneakers street style
new balance philippines
h&m snood | zara coat | uniqlo polka dot button down and corduroy jeggings | new balance 996 sneakers



AVA said…
I love the honest review!:) Thanks again!
Gellie Abogado said…
I have, recently, just started appreciating clothes from Uniqlo. I love how their clothes are comfy and perfect for those laid back days; but still look really good. :)

sarahtirona said…
true, love the fabric they use mostly, so soft and nice against the skin :)