hong kong #ootd day 5

I don't know where to start, the past few days have been such an emotional roller coaster for me. Hormones and some unavoidable circumstances. Through it all though, I always made it a point to reflect and focus on the positive. Live through the bad, do what I can do to mend what I can mend but not dwell. Just stay positive and grateful because there is really much to be grateful for.

I am sharing this with you because I am truly grateful (for YOU!) and I want to let you know how powerful the law of attraction is. Stay positive and you attract positive things. There are times when it is extremely hard but just like with everything else in life, it gets easier with practice. :)

Thank you Lord, thank YOU and thank you UNIVERSE!

So anyway, about the outfit...

Each time my grandma leaves the country she always asks me to help her plan her "travelling outfit". According to seasoned travelers, it is very important to look presentable for immigration. This is a fact I strongly believe in as well...I think it's basic human psychology to be suspicious of unkempt persons trying to gain entry to your "home". It's also a form of respect I guess, us being a guest in their country and all.

So a good travelling outfit should be both comfortable and presentable. Something you can sleep and stretch in (esp impt for long haul flights) and will still look good as you disembark the plane and pass through immigration.

A good fabric is jersey since it doesn't easily wrinkle and is very comfortable and soft to the touch.

My flight was only 4 hours long but I still like being comfy enough to take a nap...

I also had to take into consideration the change of weather (cold to warm) so I wore a snood and cardigan instead of my heavy coat. Two things that I can fold neatly into my handbag when the temperature starts to rise...

Just phone photos now cause my camera was already packed into my luggage

new balance street style philippines
new balance philippines fashion blogger
new balance philippines street fashion
Happy to be together but sad eyes cause we all didn't want to leave yet...

in a can en route to airport
h&m cardigan and snood | uniqlo jeggings | new balance sneakers | zara shirt and bag