ootd: romwe kimono

With summer fast approaching, I am finding myself gravitating more and more towards kimonos. When it comes to outerwear, they are probably the best suited style for our climate.

Breezy enough to wear on a sunny day and warm enough to shield us from the cool tropical winds.

There are many many different patterns to choose from but my favorites would have to be those that are traditionally inspired like this one I got from Romwe. I find them much more interesting and I love the exotic/world traveler feel they lend an outfit plus silk and satin is just heavenly against the skin! 

Wore this to a food tasting event at Watami (see post here) and coffee with Ana a few days ago. It was the day after 7107 (see post here) and I was still feeling a bit exhausted from the weekend so I wanted something relaxed and comfortable.

romwe kimono street style
romwe kimono
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fly shades fashion blogger

flyshades sunglasses | romwe kimono (see here) | stradivarius jeans | sm ladies cami | stockton row chain bracelet

photos by Ana


Angel said…
love those glasses, which remind me i need to buy a new pair for the summertime! ^_^ your outfit is fab as always ;)
mayceegreene said…
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sarahtirona said…
thank you angel! enjoy shopping! :)