recipe: truffle cream pasta with asparagus and king sue bacon

Ni hao! Still have a bit of a hangover from my vacation and Chinese New Year which is when these King Sue goodies were gifted to me.

king sue ham
This gift pack was such a blessing for us because our maid left on the same day we arrived from Hong Kong and we had no more food left in the refrigerator or pantry plus I was still too tired to prepare elaborate meals.

We survived mostly on these yummy Kaiser sausages which I later learned are better boiled than fried to preserve the flavor.

Once I was able to recover a bit from the fatigue, I started to explore the other products and experiment on my own.

Here's my first recipe using King Sue's sliced bacon. Hope you like! :)

king sue bacon 
I like King Sue's sliced bacon because it doesn't disappear into oblivion after frying. Fat to meat ration isn't bad and you still get a respectable yield after cooking.

For our second night in Manila, I prepared some spinach fettucine with truffle cream sauce (sushal :P), bacon and asparagus:

king sue bacon recipe
It may not look so great in the photo because I admittedly did not plate it properly but I assure you it's yummy and very easy to prepare.

Here's How:

for 4 big servings.

  • about 400 grams pasta
  • 1 carton all purpose cream
  • 2 tsp. olive oil (optional)
  • 4 cloves garlic (minced)
  • 1 onion (finely chopped)
  • Italian seasoning
  • 1 bundle asparagus (sliced)
  • about 6 strips of King Sue bacon sliced into bits (there's no exact science, its up to you)
  • about a cup of pasta water
  • milk (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • about 1-2 tbsp. truffle oil or truffle flavored olive oil (what I use, way cheaper ;))
  1. Cook pasta according to instructions on package.
  2. When cooked, set aside about a cup of the pasta water, drain noodles.
  3. Heat some olive oil in a pan and fry bacon or skip the oilve oil completely and just use oil from bacon
  4. Saute onions
  5. Once onions are almost translucent, add in garlic
  6. When garlic is half-way cooked, pour in the entire contents of your all-purpose cream, stir and bring to a boil, simmer
  7. When sauce thickens, put in asparagus and add some pasta water or milk a little at a time while continuously stirring to achieve desired consistency
  8. add as much salt, pepper, italian seasoning as you like
  9. stir in truffle oil/truffle flavored oil
  10. add pasta to sauce and you're done.
* you can add as much truffle oil as you like but I find it overwhelming so I only put a bit for a nice and flavorful undertone. Dennis just drizzles it all over his pasta. To each his own but it's best to put a little first then to put too much. You can always add at the table later on.


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