romwe heart pattern shirt giveaway

As promised earlier, here's another international giveaway brought to you by my favorite store, ROMWE!

This time, 1 Fashion Eggplant reader gets to win this awesome heart pattern shirt!

Though simple, it has the right amount of quirk to make any outfit pop.It's also extremely versatile which is why it's such a hit among many international fashion bloggers.

Wear it to work, on a date, shopping. This pretty red shirt will take you anywhere in style.

I have the same shirt and I assure you, the quality and fit is divine (you can see HERE)

To join this giveaway, simply fill in the easy mechanics in the rafflecopter form below:

Good Luck! Promise to announce winners right away this time :D


ghirlieee said…
Name: Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario
Twitter and/or Instagram username: @ghirlieee
Essa Armille Polanco said…
Essa Polanco

twitter and IG - @bashishang
Lorna B. said…
Love how you paired the shirt with the black outfit <3

Thank you!
iamalexdelfin said…
Alexandrine Delfin

Trish Lozano x said…
Trisha Camille Lozano
Twitter and/or Instagram username: @trishlozano_
Novem said…
Novem Tadora
Twitter: @novemazing06
IG: novemazing
Sweet Cat said…
Danica Marie Abrigo
FB Name: Juliana Beloved
Twitter: @iamsweetcat
IG: @dalandanlacanilao
Francesca Furlan said…
Name / GFC : Francesca Furlan
Twitter : @Francesca_FF_
E-mail :

Thank you for this opportunity <3
Kara said…
Kara Macadangdang
@sweetlilwonder- Twitter
@krmcdngdng- IG
princezisha08 said…
Larissa De Guzman Manguba
Twitter/IG: @larissamanguba
Ericka said…
I <3 ROMWE!, erickalalalove, erickaevangelista
Brigi said…
Done :)
P. Brigitta
isa machado said…
Isa Machado
Qing Pineda said…
I love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway! xoxo!
sherry ann gole cruz said…
sherry ann gle cruz
Bernadette Zareno-Balino said…
Bernadette Zareno-Balino
Twitter: @nadetz
IG: @nadotz
jillroque said…
Jill Roque
Twitter: @jillroque
IG: @msjroque
dickcory said…
Jo Marie Jarnaiz
ROXY said…
Name: Evette Sibayan
Twitter: @itsjustroxy
Ig: @itsjustroxy
Kareen Liez said…
Kareen Liez Datoy
Jenny Esplana said…
Jenny Esplana
Grace said…
Mary Grace Santiago

Chell ♚ said…
Rochell Geronimo
@chekkik -twitter
@watchachelly -instagram
Aik said…
Aik Yin Chien
@3velyna on Twitter, @aikchien on Instagram
aikychien at yahoo dot com
elay23 said…
name: Elera Marie Joaquin
twitter: @elayenchanted
ig: @elayenchanted
elay23 said…
name: Elay Joaquin
Twitter: @elayenchanted
instagram: @elayenchanted
Debora said…
Great giveaway!
On twitter: @debbi_f
Debora Ferri
Loredana Battista said…
nice giveaway
loredana battista
Camille L said…
Name: Joanna Camille Ladesma
Twitter and/or Instagram username: @jnncmll14 // @shinkei14
Roxanne Atienza said…
Roxanne Atienza
twitter: @its_superroxy
IG: @superroxy27
Lyn Umali-Euperio said…
Lyn Umali-Euperio
twitter : @euperiocharlyn
instagram : talyn1126
Lyn Umali-Euperio said…
Charlyn U.Euperio
twitter : @euperiocharlyn
instagram : talyn1126
Jonalyn B. Repalda said…
Name: Jonalyn Repalda
Twitter: @Luvjkitty
IG: @jkitty0915
Asia Naumowicz said…
Asia Naumowicz
Kimberly Camille Tiu said…
Kimberly Camille Tiu
Twitter: kimtiu37
IG: kimtiu37
Dagmara said…
shandie said…
Shandie Valdez
IG: @shandie17
Divya Asha said…
Name: Divya Asha
Twitter ID: @DivyaAsha
Mica de Jesus said…
Mica Ella de Jesus
Twitter/IG: @micaadejesus
Ohms Emocling said…
Ohms Emocling
ohmsemocling at yahoo dot com
IG/Twitter: @ohmxphoenix
Rea Janine Alvarez said…
Nice shirt :)

IG: @riajanayn
Twitter: @reajanine14
wonderwall said…
Name: Lou Sanchez
Twitter: @niinetieskid
IG: @niinetieskid
Liliane said…
Liliane Souza Inácio
IG: liliane_inacio
Lorena said…
Lorena Capote
Cy Valencia said…
Cy Valencia

Twitter: cyvalcy29
IG: @allcutestuffs
Crystal Marie Cañete said…
Crystal Marie Cañete
Twitter- @ystalc
IG- @dearcrysy
helloviellobits said…
name: Jen Sta. Ana-Lobitana


twitter: jenS_FromDblock

instagram: jen_s_2d_lo
itskhimieneri said…
Kimberly Neri
Twitter and IG: @itskhimieneri
Lee Huerto said…
Name: Gracielle Huerto
Twitter & IG: @leeverloverr
Lee Huerto said…
Name: Gracielle Huerto
Twitter & IG: @leeverloverr
Khristel Anne Vital said…
Khristel Vital
twitter/ig: @thekav94
Ma. Clarice Itumay said…
Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay
Twitter and IG: @valandclai
Amina Amona said…
Twitter: @AmOnAm13
IG; amonam13
purpz said…
henley tabal
IG: henlaye
Tere Decena said…
Therese Decena
kristina_168 said…
Kristina Marie Letada
Twitter:@kmltina IG:@iamteenuh
Rosa Pi said…
Rosa Pi