4 Fashionable Ways to Wear Men's Sweaters

For too long men that enjoy wearing sweaters have had to endure being offered the same old styles and colors. If you're a guy that is looking to change things up in the wardrobe department, take a look at fresh trends in sweaters.

Solids and Patterns

Want a way to immediately add spark and interest to your look? Pair up a checked or striped pattern shirt with a solid color sweater. This is a smart look that is both classic and trendy. Five patterned shirts and a few sweaters gives you numerous options.

Pastel Colors

Real men absolutely wear pastel colors. Forget about sticking to those traditional colors and open up to the world of pastels. Guys look great in lighter shades of green, blue, orange and pink. Your masculinity is all about attitude, so strut your stuff in any shade you wish.

Layering Options

You will get so much more mileage out of your sweater collection when you consider various layering options. Pair a stylish open collar dress shirt with a V-neck sweater, classic button down cardigan sweater, a quarter zip cardigan, a button sweater jacket or a sweater vest. Combinations are endless.

Tie it Up

Some occasions require you to dress up a bit more. The best way to stick with your beloved sweater look is to add a cool tie. Wear the tie outside the sweater or tuck inside.

Rethinking the way you wear men's sweaters opens up new style terrain that is fresh, comfortable and very trendy.