7107 imf fashion: what i wore to day 2

Aside from crop tops not being an option for me (hello abs :P), I also didn't want to blend in a sea of hippies.

7107 was a full day affair so I wanted to be as comfy as possible so I don't go hulk mode and ruin my day with the wrong choice of clothing.

What better way than an oversized shirt? From my favorite band! Got this Nirvana Bleach shirt in HMV while on vacation in Hong Kong. I love the t-shirt section of HMV. There's so much to choose from, I hope someone decides the bring franchise in soon.

Back to outfit...so as to make my t-shirt ensemble a little more interesting and functional, I added a snapback and shades to shield myself from the sun and these socks which have always been a dream of mine to own. The moment I saw that Ana brought a couple of pairs home to sell in her shop (@shopAnagon on IG), I immediately snagged them up. They were perfect for keeping ants, bugs and itchy grass away from my skin. :)

7107 imf fashion
7107 international music festival fashion
music festival fashion
7107 imf fashion
For more on 7107 and my experience, you can check out this post.

ssur snapback | nirvana bleach shirt from hmv | @shopanagon knee high socks | fly shades sunglasses

photos by Paul



heartofatigress said…
Issachavez said…
i love the knee high socks but I don't think I can pull this off.... Btw, I love your sunglasses too and even went to the nearest Fly shades to look for it but they don't have it anymore :(
wonderwall said…
Lovin the shirt. Omg kurt cobain i love him :) I wish i was there , hope you had fun!

xx lou of, http://steal-thestyle.blogspot.com/
Gellie Abogado said…
laid back but still pretty, sarah! love the oversized shirt style on you :)

sarahtirona said…
thanks gellie! :)
sarahtirona said…
LOVE HIM TOO! :) go next year, hopefully there'll be another one :)
sarahtirona said…
aww, sayang, maybe they'll have it in stock again next month :)
Issachavez said…
i hope so. :)