hairshaft review: life with hair extensions

What's life like with hair extensions?

That's the number one question people have been asking me ever since I got them.

The answer is: SEXY!

I haven't felt this good in a long time, it's a wonder how much great hair can make a difference on your outlook in life. I feel younger and much more attractive. It doesn't matter if people see it that way, the important thing is that I do and it helps me face the day with a positive outlook. Keeps my back straight and my chin up!

I used to only dream of having hair this long. I tried many times to grow it out and the one time I got close, a salon butchered it and I had to chop most of it off. I tried to make the best out of the situation and had fun coloring it in a variety of colors instead but I was never truly 100% happy. Deep inside, I have always been a long hair girl.

So about practical living with hair extensions on 24/7....

It definitely takes some getting used to. Going to bed when your extensions are new can be a bit uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. The glue used is still hard and you can feel it under your head, you get used to it after a couple days though. Shampooing is pretty much the same but brushing your hair is a different story. You have to be extra careful and its best to just fingercomb although you can still use a hairbrush be careful not to get it caught where your extensions connect with your natural hair.

Where to get them?

When it comes to hair extensions, there are crazy cheap ones, super expensive ones and those in between. Not too cheap, not too expensive. If you're not familiar with their work, it's best to stick within the mid-priced bracket.

Out of people I've interviewed and based on my personal experience as well, I can attest that HairShaft Salon gives one of the best Hair Extensions at the mid-priced bracket in our country.

I had mine done by Fred who is quite the expert at it and is also responsible for the extensions, cuts, and colors of many local celebrities as well. He studied and trained under expert supervision in Italy to provide one of the most natural looking hair extensions in the market today.

The process begins by handpicking natural hair strands and strategically placing them and attaching them around your head one by one. He begins by doing a sort of weave which he seals with a special glue/cement:

hairshaft salon hair extensions
The whole thing takes several hours but you won't notice the time going by due to the immense excitement you will feel at the shocking transformation. (I personally couldn't believe what I saw, it looked so real it felt like magic).

Once he's done attaching the extensions, it's time to cut, color and style!

I chose a balayage with red highlights...that's another thing with HairShaft, unlike other salons, they are up to date with trends. They make it a point to know about the latest hair techniques so they can fulfill all of their clients whims to come up with perfect "Dream Hair" all the time. They don't take it lightly, in fact HairShaft is the only salon I know of that goes to great lengths to duplicate your peg exactly.

Check out the photo below and see what I mean:

hair shaft salon review
I had a hard time believing it was me when I first saw that picture. My hair has never looked this good ever. To say I was thrilled is a total understatement.

hairshaft hair extensions
It's been about a month since I first got them but I can't imagine my life without extensions anymore. Oddly enough, I feel more like myself with them on.

Next time you're in the mood for a makeover, try HairShaft salon. They provide premium service and skills at really affordable price points.

hairshaft salon menu
For more info, LIKE HairShaft Salon on Facebook or visit them at the 3rd floor of Podium.
To book an appointment, call 02-6382040

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Your hair is sooo sexy! I love it

krissy said…
Sobrang bagay talaga! I miss my long hair, too, but all my friends say short hair suits me better. If ever I decide to have long hair again, I don't think I can use extensions because I have an irrational fear that they will affect my real hair. :D
Bianca Sing said…
LONG HAIR DEFINITELY SUITS YOU SO WELL, Mommy! I really love them on you!!! And true! You look extra hot and sexy <3

shandie said…
gano katagal po yan magstay? bawal basain ng tubig?
sarahtirona said…
hi shandie! they're permanent unless you have them removed. you can shampoo your hair normally but make sure to condition :)
sarahtirona said…
thanks babe! i havent seen you in too long!
sarahtirona said…
i think friends are friends and no matter what your hair style is they will always say it looks better than the last :P maybe you just need to choose the right (long) length and style for you. for me, its not so much the length but the way it makes me feel and i just feel more attractive with long hair :D
sarahtirona said…
go, go, go get extensions na din!!! hahaha :P
Ehka said…
Hello, how much did this cost? Also, how did they the color your hair? Did you have Full Head hair color, 3 Color Foil Hi-Lite, Pre Lightening etc? Ive been looking for the perfect color and style for my ombre, and i really, really want to achieve that hot red ombre of yours :D