maple restaurant review

Maple Restaurant is hard to resist with its appetizing menu of comfort food beckoning you to step inside and indulge.

Located at the basement level of Shangri-la's East Wing, Commercenter Alabang and San Antonio Plaza Arcade, Maple is a fine dining restaurant which serves dishes inspired by classic children's fairytales in generous portions. It encourages sharing amongst family members for memorable meals over delicious food and engaging conversations.

maple restaurant review
The feel of the restaurant is homey and the staff go out of their way to make it feel like a second home for you.

During my visit, I was able to try some of their popular dishes and a few new ones.

Let me begin with their coffee. It is good. Strong, full bodied with just the right amount of "crema". I'm not sure what brand they use but I'm pretty sure it's Italian.

For a caffeine addict like me who thrives on several mug fulls per day, one cup was able to satisfy my craving.

maple cafe americano + cafe latte - P120
Next up, their Texas Wedge Salad. Just like everything else at Maple, the serving was huge. A full head of iceberg lettuce, pico de gallo, bacon bits, crumbled blue cheese topped with the most delicious blue cheese dressing.

As a starter, it is large enough to share among four people.

maple's texas wedge salad - P350
The Truffle Omellete Souffle is light and fluffy with a crunchy and cheesy crust all over. The flavor is strong and rich which tends to be a bit overwhelming at times considering the size of it so it's best again to share even if you're a big omelette fan.

maple truffle omelette souffle - P330
The famous Prime Rib Tapa which I have heard people rave about constantly.

At just P520 per order, it is definitely worth every penny. One steak is about as wide as a standard 10" dinner plate and almost an inch thick. It's topped with roasted garlic and marinated in that sweet/salty tapa flavor all us Filipinos love.

Large enough to relieve any hungry man's belly.

maple's prime rib tapa - P520
My favorite savory dish during my visit was their Blackened Chicken.

Perfectly cooked, tender chicken breasts with a delightful cajun flavor served over dirty rice and creamed spinach for a flawless spicy/creamy contrast. A definite must try. Your kids might like it too, it's big enough to share for 2 people.  :)

maple's blackened chicken - P450
As they say...nothing beats warm apple pie....especially when it's crumbly and served ala mode. Maple's is no exception. However....

maple's apple pie with streusel topping - P240
Their Red Hot Choco Lava Cake totally stole the spotlight for me. One of my favorite desserts of all time, Maple's is one of the best but what I love most about it is that it's big! Lava cakes are usually served in small portions. To my delight, Maple's was about twice the size than average.

It's served warm topped with brandy snap and salted toffee, a hot (red) chocolate ganache oozes out the moment you slice into it. Get a mouthful of that with some vanilla ice cream and you'll be transported straight into dessert heaven. Seriously, it is that good. I will visit Maple over and over again just for this and a cup of coffee. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!

maple's red hot choco lava cake - P280
Their prices might seem a bit steep for comfort food but the secret to dining at Maple really is sharing. Don't over order unless you want enough take out for another meal. Their food is fresh, quality is superb, just remember to bring someone with you when you visit. ;)