ootd: pink panther

Yes, yes, not exactly panther but close enough :P

I got this pretty neon pink/white shiftdress from Cole Vintage recently...I am so proud of myself for getting it in pink (hahaha) because they also had it in black/white and /blue/yellow but I remembered my promise to wear more summer colors in a previous post and because of my recently acquired tan from Malasimbo, I think these colors suit me better for now.

Also, loose floaty dresses are currently my best friend because I gained some weight and have been feeling heavy and bloated...Dennis pointed out that I should start going to the gym because my thighs are getting better. Needless to say, he didn't get the end of it for days. Guys never learn, seriously. :))

white pumps street style 
white accordion shoulder bag
cole vintage summer 2014
cole vintage fashion blogger
cole vintage
A couple other things I cannot leave the house without lately are my Pandora bracelets. I have been addicted eversince the Essence Collection launch ( read about it HERE), since then, I have acquired another bracelet + a couple charms and I just want to get MORE! hahaha...

But most importantly, my Rainbow Loom bracelet that my daughter Nikola made especially for me :)

pandora essence collection
cole vintage dress | raoul bag | mmf shoes (FB) | pandora bracelets + rainbow loom bracelet from my daughter Nikola (order your own for only P50ea. email me at admin@fashioneggplant.com


sarahtirona said…
thank you brigi! :)
Mars M. said…
Love the dress! If only I can shop these days (self-proclaimed shopping ban until Pottery Barn arrives in May)!

And as for the ubiquitous Rainbow Loom, I'm thankful for it--my rings and watches don't fit anymore (5 and a half months pregnant) so the Rainbow Looms my sister made for me are the only accessories that seem to fit these days!

Mars M.
jenny cristobal said…
You rock that dress! You look lovely...=) I'm such a fun of your OOTD posts...
sarahtirona said…
that means a lot to me, thank you! :)
sarahtirona said…
oooh pottery barn!!! cant wait for that too!