the body shop best face forward (bff in-store makeover service)

 Summer season also means, prom, graduation and lots of weddings. 

Getting made up at a salon for that special occasion can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg...right??? What's usually the minimum they charge you? Around P1500? Am I right? And this is just at a regular salon, up-markets can go as high as P6000.

P6000! For one night! And it washes right off!

Another thing I don't particularly like about getting made up in some salons is that I end up looking totally like somebody you don't really know where those products have been or what they have touched. It's not uncommon to get massive breakouts afterwards.

All that being said, what if I tell you that you can get a beautiful total makeover for just P1500 using new products which you get to take home afterwards?


BFF (Best Face Forward) is The Body Shop's latest promo this season.

For only P1,500 you get a free full make-up service + P1000 worth of products that you get to take home afterwards!

I tried it a couple of days ago at their Megamall branch...I opted for the "Bronze Fresh Faced" look being summer and's how it went:

body shop best face forward
body shop makeover service
body shop bff
  1. Apply foundation primer followed by foundation mixed with BB cream all over face including lips (so lipstick lasts longer)
  2. Use concealer on eyes and other areas needed followed by highlighter on apples of cheeks and bridge of nose
  3. Powder entire face with brush
  4. Do your eyebrows
  5. Contour with bronzer on the hollow of your cheek and sides of nose, blend
  6. Apply eyeshadow (we used bronze shades), followed by eyeliner (wet for top, pencil for bottom), curl lashes follow with lengthening mascara
  7. Blush an apple of cheeks
  8. Lipstick then gloss

And voila!

I must say, I really, really liked it. Felt so glam and sexy afterwards. To think I'm the type of person who doesn't like getting their make-up done by other people! This was one of the best make-up jobs I have ever been on the receiving end of.

the body shop best face forward
Even if it was obvious that my make-up artist's peg was herself :P Hahaha, diba? We looked like twins afterwards! 

But seriously, I super loved what she did. Just enough coverage, nothing too heavy.

I shall make it a point to keep her number for my future wedding ;)

body shop best face forward
Aside from the Fresh-Faced look, you can also choose between Smokey and Bloom-in' Pink depends on the occasion you need to attend. Also, not everything is set in stone so feel free to make your own suggestions. :)

Next time you have a special occasion to attend, log on to and book for your own BFF session! :)

Participating Body Shop branches are: Mall Of Asia, Megamall, Trinoma, Rockwell, The Block, SM City, Glorietta 2, Podium and Festival Mall.