ain't going nowhere

Summer is officially here and lately I'm finding it hard to resist anything white/indian/moroccan inspired so the moment I saw this top at Paperdolls, I had to get it right away. The fabric is soft and cool on the skin plus it's loose enough that I can feel comfortable in it all day.

Also, I've really been leaning towards the oversized shirt + gladiator sandals combo. It's such an easy and stylish everyday uniform without really trying too hard. Eversince I ordered my Jeffrey Campbell La Cage gladiators from NastyGal, I've been on the hunt for a nice flat pair. It took me some months but I finally found one and really cheap too at SM Parisian. Gotta love that brand. They're always at the forefront of fashion and its always accessible for everyone.

Aside from that, music has also been a constant companion, more so now. It's always there but now it really is ALWAYS there. A few of my constant summer favorites are 311, No Doubt, Mana, and of course the classic Escape by Rupert Holmes. I also discovered a couple of new artists but my favorite new discovery would have to be EYEDRESS... Maya Kibbel's beau. He's pretty good. You can check him out on youtube or soundcloud in case you're curious. :)

gladiator sandals street style
gladiator street style
summer street style
sm parisian gladiator sandals
praiaz ph launch
rayban aviators | paperdolls top | sm parisian gladiator sandals | stockton row necklace | mphosis shorts

photos by Ana



Cee said…
the gladiators really added umph to the whole ensemble. how much are the gladiators?. I have also been on the hunt for them too after purchasing one from tonic.. :)
sarahtirona said…
Hi Cee! I love the ones of Tonic, Im waiting for them to restock. hahahaa, got these for only 1200 :)
Mutzii Arr said…
yay!! thanks for sharing, been really trying to find knee high glads and accidentally stumbled upon your latest post. Not a Parisian fan but definitely will check this pair right away! x
sarahtirona said…
my pleasure and thank you also for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment :)
ava te-zabat said…
Love our easy breezy photo!:) Love those glads! Makes me want to buy the one I wanted since last year pa! haha :)
sarahtirona said…
go get na, they would look so good on you! :)
Nice your shoes!