century tuna superbods 2014 boracay (john lloyd unveil + awarding ceremonies)

I was at Boracay last weekend for the Century Tuna Superbods Challenege Awarding Ceremonies.

It was a 2-day affair with the first day being the last leg of the challenge where contestants had to participate in a race that was peppered with different types of games styled to test their various skills and strengths, both mental and physical.

The whole experience of spending an entire weekend amongst these Superbods was humbling, eye-opening, sometimes embarrassing and inspiring at the same time. They were all cut like Greek god (and goddess) statues and despite my petite frame, I could not help but feel conscious about all my little folds.

It certainly brought to mind what Century Superbods nutritionist, Nadine Tengco mentioned during the press launch several weeks ago...that "abs are made in the kitchen".

Judging from the participants and their strict Century Tuna diet, I would have to unanimously agree with her.

Despite my bone-crushing crossfit sessions, my tummy is still cute, soft and round (Ha! :P) and I'm guessing that is because of all the rice, butter and chocolate that I include in my diet. When I flex I can feel that is it quite firm underneath all the flab but the flab is what I seem to not be able to get rid off. Now I'm pretty sure I know why. :S

So anyway, back to the Superbods...

What I found truly inspiring is that all of the participants were unique and belonged to different age groups and body types...some used to be overweight and one of them was even in their 30s (I can relate). It proves that anybody can have the body they desire as long as they back it up with discipline and dedication. (where can I buy that ba?)

century superbods 2014
The awarding ceremonies started with a smoldering hot dance (and flex) number where the Superbods put their svelte figures on display for all of us to oggle:

century superbods boracay
As if that wasn't enough sexiness for one night, Joey Mead struts out in a stunning tangerine number (that left little to the imagination) which did wonders for her still amazing body:

joey mead century superbods
century superbods awarding ceremony boracay
After a couple of behind the scenes videos, it was time to announce the special awards for congeniality, people's choice, transformation, photogenic and race winners:
  • Beach Bodies: Laurens Tolenaars and Paula Marciano
  • People’s Choice: Diane Tan and Mauro Lumba
  • Congeniality: Marneil Lim and Grace Murillo
  • Transformation Award – Miguel Lasala and Darlene Anderson
  • Superbod Race Winners: Miguel Lasala and Paula Marciano
  • Photogenic: Miguel Lasala and Alaiza Malinao.

century superbods miguel lasala
Miguel Lasala bagged most of the awards which made me think he was a shoo-in for the title but I had to wait a little while before my guess could be confirmed. 
In the meantime, it was time to be entertained by (the cheeky men) Sam YG, Toni Tony, and Slick Rick of Boys Night Out who also participated in the 42-day diet plan and were there to show us their new physiques which were notably trimmer than before. Slick's was particularly impressive.

boys night out century superbods boracay
After some laughs, it was time for the big reveal and the moment everyone had been waiting for...
John Lloyd Cruz and his new body. Who better to introduce him than the original Superbod, Anne Curtis:

john lloyd century superbods unveil
(Let me just say that JL is 10x cuter and more charming in person)

Here's a full video of John Lloyd at Superbods Boracay so you can watch his totally adorable semi-striptease for yourselves:

Despite just being on the Superbod diet plan for over a month, he was notably slimmer and trimmer. His skin was also glowing.

john lloyd, anne curtis at century tuna superbods boracay
One thing JL and the BNO boys had in common was that they plan to stick to their new healthy lifestyles given the positive multiple benefits they have already experienced.

The night was getting hotter by the moment and the crowd could not contain their excitement much longer, it was time to announce the new Superbods for 2014.

To my surprise, Miguel was not one of them.

2nd place went to my personal favorite hottie, Laurens Tolenaars and his partner, Catherine Almirante.
1st place:  Marneil Lim and Alaiza Malinao.

superbods 2014 mauro lumba, sara polverini
And the new Century Superbods for 2014 are former child star, Sara Polverini and Mauro Lumba!

century superbods 2014 winners
Needless to say, after being surrounded by all those sexy bodies and success stories, I plan on taking the 6 week challenge myself. :P 

For exercises and recipes for the superbods diet plan, visit: www.centurytuna.ph/superbodschallenge

For more info, connect with Century Tuna Superbods on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@centurytunasuperbods)


Brenda R Wood said…
Woo. Lots of muscle man and beautiful girls. So seductive

ava te-zabat said…
If only I knew how to sew this good! I always have a prob with the top part. But thanks for the DIY tip, Momma!
Hazel said…
wow!! wala nang baby fats si JL!!! Di na sya cute, certified hunk na sya! :P
sarahtirona said…
it's super easy lang to do, promise. you don't really need a machine, try it with an old bikini first :)