d-date: clothes with an expiration

Did you know that people only use 20% of their entire wardrobe?  The remaining 80% will most likely never be worn again.

We continue to accumulate clothes while millions of poor Filipinos hardly have anything to wear.

Caritas Segunda Mana, one of our country's largest charities dealing with donations in kind, have noticed that Filipinos only tend to donate clothes when there is a calamity or natural disaster.  Also, people usually treat donations like trash bins sending over clothes that are no longer usable.

It is because of these reasons that Caritas has decided to team up with local retail brands, Team Manila being one the first to jump aboard, for the D Date initiative.

The D Date objective is to nip the problem from its root by putting an expiration date on their shirts which suggest a reasonable time to donate it.

Once your shirt expires, just bring it back to the store you purchased it from for donation and in turn, you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase plus a gold medal in heaven for being such a kind soul :P

All donated clothes will be collected by Caritas Segunda Mana and will be distributed to the poor in different areas of our country. Some may also be sold in Caritas Segunda Mana stores where proceeds will fund other Caritas projects including education, housing and livelihood.

for more info, check out teammanilalifestyle.com or visit Team Manila on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@teammanila)