dove summit - a weekend of real beauty

I don't remember how many times I tried writing a draft for this post and then later scrapping it. It's so hard to put into words what I experienced during last weekend's Dove Summit. It was an awakening for me.

I was more than pleased when I first received my invite but at the same time, I was also thinking that it was a bit much just to learn about a brand. I was so wrong. It was the perfect amount of time not just to re-familiarize myself with a brand I have been using all my life, it was also how long it took to internalize, rediscover myself and finally accept myself as beautiful even when stripped down to the barest of bare (not nude, mind, you :P).

I never really gave it much thought but at the summit, I realized that I am actually a part of the 93% percent of Filipinas who don't really consider themselves beautiful. I have always just thought that I was okay, not horrendous but just okay. It's a staggering number to accept that only 7% of Filipinas consider themselves beautiful and that is what Dove set out to change during our weekend together at Sofitel.

We were asked to dress in white for the entire weekend...looking back I see it today as very symbolic...shedding the frills and distractions and paying attention only to the things that matter, ME, US, YOU.

Stripped of color and make-up, we were forced to focus on our true ourselves.

We did a make-up free photoshoot with top women photographers...

Only to find out that our photos would be projected onto the big screen during dinner for all the other guests to see! Guess what? I personally though we all looked beautiful and sincere. :)

Aside from the photo shoot there was also a surprise tear-jerking moment when loved ones were caught on cam and asked what makes each of us beautiful on the inside and out. It really makes a big difference when other people notice and appreciate the little things that make-up our entirety, does wonders for the self-esteem. As women, I think we should make it a point to tell someone why they're beautiful at least once a week. #thatswhatmakesyoubeautiful :P

It was really a challenge for me to continue seeing myself as sexy and desirable after giving birth but as I awoke to this scene the following morning, it finally came to me that I am more beautiful than ever before. The strengths and trials, the lines on my face and the wisdom behind my eyes have transformed me into a well-rounded beauty. My legs may have been skinnier before, my skin tighter, but my past beauty was shallow and hardly penetrated the surface. Now I can honestly say that all of me is beautiful despite the stretchmarks.

On our second day at the summit, Dove helped us maintain this newfound sense of beauty and appreciation for ourselves in a series of exhibitions which helped us understand the way our skin works and how Dove works to always keep at its best.

Let's begin with one of my personal favorites...Dove's hair care products.

Did you know that damaged hair is porous and laden with holes? This is probably why our hair is prone to breakage when we color and style excessively. Damaged hair sinks due to its holes while healthy hair stays afloat:

In a demo where real hair samples were given the typical everyday treatment of a shampoo and blow-dry, it showed that hair treated with Dove floats proving that Dove immediately works at repairing our hair after a single application:

I can personally attest to this because people often ask why my hair extensions aren't dry and brittle, my secret is Dove.

After the hair demo, we were ushered into another room which tackled our number 1 headache: underarms.

Dark underarms are probably the cause for most our sleeveless wearing insecurities.

In this room we learned that 1/3 of what we shave is actually skin and this causes inflammation leading to more melanin and darkening. It normally takes 20-30 days for our underarms to recover from a single shave.

Dove Deo has a unique formulation of 1/4  moisturizing cream and vitamins E&F which moisturizes underarm skin making it less prone to damage. When you use Dove Deo, your underarm skin recuperates faster. It takes just 7 days for smoother and whiter underarms.

Using Dove Deo allows us to reach high with confidence!

The last room we entered, which also had the most surprising results, was the Dove Skin exhibit:

In this room, our skin was tested for moisture levels before Dove, after milk and after Dove.

You'd think milk would produce the highest level of moisture, right? Wrong! I was surprised at the drastic results. With milk, my skin moisture was just at 59%, after washing with Dove, it jumped up to 79%! I wasn't expecting that much of a difference. If Cleopatra was still alive, she'd be having a hayday! :P

What makes Dove Body Wash work so well? Unlike traditional bath products that contain milk or milk-like ingredients, Dove Body Wash contains a breakthrough formula with Nutrium Moisture TM which is far more superior than milk. It replenishes lipids and delivers care from within that makes skin look and feel soft, soft and smooth and beautifully glowing.

I have long been a Dove user, growing up with highly sensitive skin, it is what my derma always prescribed. I always knew it was a great product but after this weekend, my appreciation for the brand and it's dedication has skyrocketed. I cannot think of any other drug-store/grocery beauty brand that puts this much work into ensuring that we always get the best and look our most beautiful.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Unilever, Dove and Bridges PR. I gained so much from this experience and I hope that millions of other Filipinas will soon follow suit and discover their real beauty with the accessible real care that Dove provides us with

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chichay said…
i made this today it tastes so good! now i know what to do with the tuyo that our technician gives us.
Issachavez said…
this is very inspiring..... i have been a user of Dove skincare too... now, the hair products are interesting....
sarahtirona said…
yay, thanks chichay! glad you like it :)
sarahtirona said…
thank you issa! try it, especially their intense repair conditioner, super nice :)