magnum manila - magnum pleasure store

They're called "Pleasure Stores" all over the world.

Used to be enjoyed only in places like Milan, Cannes, New York and London, now Manilenos will also get to experience and enjoy "gourmetized" Magnum bars in the world's first ever Magnum Cafe called "Magnum Manila".

Tastefully designed by Ed Calma, Magnum Manila sets the template for the first ever full-service Magnum Cafe in the world.

Unlike previous Pleasure Stores which only lasted a few days and solely served ice cream, Magnum Manila will be open for 500 days starting April 8, 2014 at the SkyPark Dining of SM Aura. Perfect for our super hot weather!

For just P100 take pleasure in designing your very own Magnum Bar starting from your choice of luxurious Belgian chocolate shells in different flavors to a wide variety of toppings from nuts to chillies, sprinkes, more chocolate, marshmallows, anything your heart desires...

And since it's a cafe, the food is also worth mentioning...

Try their Crostini's which came in three variants: mushroom, ricotta and seared favorite is the seared's deliciously sweet and salty at the same time.

They also have Chicken Poppers with a Carbonara like sauce which makes a great afternoon snack:

If you're in for lunch, start with their Asian Steak Salad. The serving is big enough to consider a main dish. It is refreshing to have on super hot days with its mixed variety of fresh greens in a sweet-tangy berry vinaigrette that is topped with cherry tomatoes, corn and seared steak.

There's also Pumpkin Soup on the menu:

And a variety of main dishes such as this vegetarian Mushroom Burger, Magnum Braised Beef Cheek, Carbonara with Bacon and poached egg, and my favorite: Seared Salmon with Basil Cream and Chorizo Confit.

But of course, the highlight of your visit will be the dessert!

Magnum Manila is a sweet tooth's wet dream with desserts that will haunt all those warm nights. You'll find yourself craving for these expertly executed ice cream concoctions that bring the best of both worlds together: pastry and Magnum Bars!

My favorite is the rainbow cake topped with a white chocolate covered Magnum Bar and strawberry whipped cream on the side. The three are perfect together!

But a lot of my companions favored this warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie pan topped with cold vanilla Magnum Bars:

Don't forget to mark April 8 on your calendars and take your family for a sweet treat at the world's first ever full service Magnum Pleasure Store - Magnum Manila!

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