Pearl Earrings: The Piece of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Classic and always fashionable, pearl earrings are an ideal piece of jewelry that can seamlessly transfer from one outfit to the next. Be it an important meeting with the CEO from your company or dinner at the hottest upscale restaurant, pearl earrings will highlight your appearance without being overbearing.

For decades, pearl earrings have been the fashionable choice for women of all ages. The delicate pearls complement any fashion sense and skin tone. They come in various sizes and shapes, from your basic studs to dangle chandeliers. Pearl earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can own. They can be worn with an elegant evening dress or the simple combination of jeans and a t-shirt. Pearl earrings can be found at various merchants online and off, including National Pearl and local jewelry stores. Investing in a pair will give you a piece of jewelry that lasts through the ever-changing fashions and fads, and still maintain its classic appearance. 

Pearl earrings will blend ideally with majority of woman’s business attire. Small accent pearls are often found near or on the buttons and cuffs of business attire, and wearing matching pearl earrings is a classy way accessorize while still maintaining a professional appearance. When wearing pearls with a corporate outfit, match the color of the gem with the clothing. For example, pink pearl earrings complement a dark suit with pink pinstripes or a pink blouse. For pearl earrings that have a cluster of colors -- such as brown, pink or green -- wear a floral blouse that contains the same hues. 

Simple and elegant at the same time, pearl stud earrings complement your everyday outfits like jeans or a plan skirt. Pearls have the ability to add a bit of glamor to basic outfits, which is just one of the many reasons why women love them. Matching your earrings with your outfit is always acceptable, but not always necessary. While small pearl studs in white or cream color match almost any outfit, darker studs can also complement your attire beautifully.

Even though they work with just about any outfit, pearl earrings are usually worn with evening wear. From a floor length gown to a slinky black dress, pearl earrings add to any formal outfit. Matching the pearl jewelry to your evening wear is the go-to option for a classy and simple look. Black Tahitian pearls, golden South Sea pearls and white pearls look lovely pared with evening wear. If buying the earrings for a specefic formal gown, keep that outfit in mind when browsing sites such as This will help you choose the right pearls for your outfit.



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