pixy cosmetics exclusive bdjbox unboxing

I haven't done a BDJ unboxing in awhile so I was really excited when this arrived.

A new Asian brand to obsess over.

The Pixy exclusive BDJBox is definitely lust worthy.

It's got everything you need to sparkle this season...

Pixy is an Indonesian-based cosmetics line that is made using the best Japanese technology and ingredients. It is also specially formulated for Asian skin.

Inside this special BDJBox you will find:

  1. UV Whitening Two Way Cake - P275
  2. UV Whitening Two Cake (Matte) - P145
  3. Ultimate Make Up Cake - P445
  4. Colors of Delight Blush On -P285
  5. Colors of Delight Lipstick Semi-Matte - P265
  6. Colors of Delight Lipstick Lasting Matte - P325
  7. Colors of Delight Satin Lipstick - P245
  8. Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil - P265
  9. Colors of Delight Waterproof Mascara - P260
Total: P2510

I think it's great that they put a lot of thought into finalizing what goes into each box. There's no hit or miss here. It's a combination of shades and colors that will suit everyone's needs and preferences. Take for instance the lipstick shades, there's a vampy red for night-outs, a sort of brownish-pink for everyday use and a pretty vibrant pink to match summer outfits.

I also love the curved shape of their mascara wand. It's not so thick either which makes it easier to reach my outer and innermost lashes for an even application.

But perhaps most outstanding is the 3 different shades of powder they included. Keep the right shade for yourself and share the rest with your friends.

I was unfamiliar with the brand Pixy until I received this box so I did some "googling". Turns out that their powder which also doubles as a base, has quite a bit of a cult following here in Southeast Asia.

Unlike other drugstore brand powders, Pixy's is lightweight and yet provides enough coverage to conceal pores and other skin imperfections for a flawless finish. The effect relies on a unique blend of finely-milled powder which is able to bounce off light. The result is a brighter complexion.

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leirs said…
Super excited to get my own box.. I've been trying to get my hands on one for the longest time.
sarahtirona said…
good luck leirs! it always feels like my birthday each time a box arrives :)