praiaz - shoes for the beach and beyond

It's summer and we're all going on our own different adventure destinations most of the time including the beach.

There are so many budget travel opportunities lately and the key to having a worry-free vacation is our ability to pack light and efficiently.

Personally, I like to fit everything into a single backpack. Bikinis and summer dresses don't take up much space but footwear definitely does. I usually bring a pair of sneakers, slippers and sometimes, sandals, with me during our beach getaways because they all have their own specific purposes: sneakers for trekking, slippers for swimming, sandals for my summer dresses during night outs and fruit shake lounging.

During my recent trip to Puerto Galera for Malasimbo, in the spirit of minimizing my luggage due to a long 5 day stay + lengthy commute, I decided to ditch the rest of my usual footwear entourage and just take along a pair of slippers. A decision I immediately regretted once I set foot on the island.

Partly the reason why I decided not to bring sneakers with me was because I didn't want to ruin them and get them dirty. I learned my lesson from 7107. The sneakers I wore then got permanently stained from the dust and soil at the festival grounds.

However, my decision to preserve sneakers proved to be a nightmare for me on our way up Mt. Malasimbo and during the entire festival. The steep incline and uneven, rocky grounds combined with my endless need to roam around caused my slippers to rip in two. Hassle.

This is why I believe so much in Praiaz. It would've been the perfect shoe to take along with me (...not to mention how much easier it would've also made embarking and disembarking the boat! :P)

At the official launch held yesterday where the beach was brought to us in the city, the people behind Praiaz further proved why this is THE MUST-HAVE footwear brand for this season and beyond.

praiaz philippines
praiaz launch manila
praiaz manila launch
praiaz philippines
kim jones praiaz
Praiaz were born out of the desire to bring the beach to the city and marry the laidback living style of Rio de Janeiro and Paris's effortlessly chic street style.

Aside from adopting the look of the versatile, classic plimsoll that goes with everything, Praiaz shoes are also extremely lightweight, buoyant, waterproof and breathable. Made from the same material as running shoes, they are super comfortable and stylish enough to wear even around the city or to the many music festivals being held lately. (They're not wide or dowdy looking when worn and have a really nice sneaker shape)

As if that wasn't enough, they also smell like either coconuts or vanilla!

praiaz shoes
praiaz philippines
Praiaz are definitely the perfect lifestyle shoe for all adventure seekers!

Get your own pair for just P1995 at Aloha Boardsports in Rockwell, ATC, SM Megamall, SM MOA, Trinoma | Oceanfront in Festival Mall | Common Thread in Greenbelt 5 | Rustans Department Store in Shangri-la, ATC | The Flatshop in Eastwood | Shangri-la Boracay and online via and

for more info, connect with Praiaz Philippines on Facebook and Instagram (@PraiazPH)