sm accessories summer 2014 with anne curtis, daniel padilla and the rest of the gang!

Anne Curtis, Xian Lim, Georgina Wilson, and newcomers Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Baretto welcome summer in fun nautical inspired pieces by SM Accessories:

Accent your outfits and look your best this season with SM Accessories as they make high quality and uber stylish baubles accessible for everyone.

This April brings a lot of reds, blues and whites from bags, bracelets to hats. The perfect color combination as you set sail towards your different summer destinations.

Steal the style of these highly sought after celebrities when you shop at SM Accessories!

For more fashion forward summer pieces, promos and giveaways, connect with SM Accessories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@smaccessories)



The Quantum Left said…
The POP Phone may be a
good idea but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The ergonomics of this
phone are nowhere near as good as the hand sets of yore. The edges are sharp
and the hand set is too long making cradling it between your ear and shoulder
very difficult and uncomfortable, impossible if you have a smaller face or
slight build. The volume control leaves you guessing, as it wouldn’t operate
the visual volume slider on any device we tried. The phone is too light, and
worst of all the cord. This pigtail style phone cord was a bad idea when it was
screwed to a wall! It’s a stupid idea when attached to a very light device. The
cord is essentially a slingshot and your device is the ammunition. You have to
be very aware of your movements while using the POP Phone or your smart phone
or tablet will be sent flying across the room from a quick turn of your head or
body movement. In two weeks we broke one phone because the Pop Phone Cord flung
the phone off the desk, and many, many close calls and phone drops. There is
hope for the Pop Phone. Look more closely at the older handsets; they were much
more rounded, shorter and comfortable. A better volume control and for all our
phones sakes get rid of the coiled cord. A straight USB style cord my not have
the retro style one is looking for, but they are much more functional.