snugg ipad mini executive case review

With so many iPad cases available in the market today, how do you select which one is best for you? Does your decision rely purely on design or function? It's rare that these two come hand in hand in a single case but with the Snugg, it does:

snugg ipad mini case
I got my iPad Mini Snugg case in a denim cover because I plan to perform some DIY magic on it in the future. I think it would look great with some graffiti on, don't you think?

It's made with real denim so I'm pretty sure fabric pens would work perfectly on it. I'm going for the old school high school look of the 90s  ;)

denim ipad case
Aside from looking and feeling good in my hands, the Snugg lives up to its name...that is of being snug. My iPad Mini has never felt safer or more secure in a case before. I love that it's padded and protected while at the same time lightweight. Unlike other similar style cases, my Snugg hardly weighs a thing and in my book, that's pretty important because being lightweight signifies the majority of an iPad's hefty price tag. It would be a shame not to be able to enjoy that perk because of a case that weighs you down.

Snugg also promises fine craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee on all of their cases.

snugg ipad mini case review
It has holders for business cards, credit cards, notes, a stylus or a pen (if you're old fashioned like me). I use my iPad for work so it's really nice to have these things handy while I check my mail and other important matters. It makes cross-checking and remembering things a lot easier and convenient especially for people like me who still mix paper with technology.

snugg executive case review
The Snugg also comes with a garterized holder which makes taking photos easier despite having a cover.
And did I mention that, the flap closes automatically with some sort of magnet which also locks your iPad at the same time without having to do it manually? It does.

snugg ipad mini case
snugg ipad mini executive case
Overall, I love my Snugg and would give it a 5 star rating. I think it's great that it has all of these conveniences in a finely made and stylish case that hardly weighs a thing.

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