the new toyota yaris 2014

No, you have not accidentally stumbled upon Top Gear...

I wouldn't normally share my space with a car but the new Toyota Yaris is an exception.

Aside from including a funky fashion show into their launch at Resorts World, the new Yaris is also buzz-worthy and definitely fashion forward. 

What I love most? It is an attainable dream car...

The famous hatchback now comes in seven (7) fashionable colors: Freedom White, Attitude Black, 
Thermalyte, Gray Metallic and its new shades of Orange Mica Metallic, Red Mica Metallic and Frozen 
Blue Mica Metallic. 
toyota yaris 2014 launch
toyota yaris 2014
toyota yaris resort world launch
yaris 2013
Besides being undeniably good-looking with its perfect balance of sharp edges and smooth surfaces, the 2014 Yaris is also a very practical choice. Unlike it's predecessor, the new model is longer by +315mm and comes with bigger trunk space making it more comfortable and utilitarian.

(I'd probably add a nice roof rack. I think it would look great on it.)

2014 yaris
 The 2014 Yaris has upgraded this new model by adding 77m to its leg room and an upgraded 81L cargo space. It also features handsome projector type headlamps, extended tail lamps and blacked out quarter panels.

toyota yaris 2014
toyota yaris 2014 price
 Bagay, diba? :P

brand new toyota yaris
 Still as fuel efficient as ever, the new Yaris is also available in 3 variants priced at: P845,000 (1.5G A/T), P755,000 (1.3E A/T) and P720,000 (1.3E M/T.). I think the 1.3 automatic is perfect for my lifestyle (always stuck in traffic. haha)

yaris 2014
toyota yaris 2014 specs
 Also loving it's super sporty leather trimmed interiors...

toyota yaris 2014 interior
Most importantly, it's just begging to be taken for a drive! There's something about its proportions that makes you want to crank that engine once you get into the driver's seat. Honestly seems like a fun ride and I wish I was given a chance to test it.

And you know what else? From experience, Toyota's have given me the least amount of headache in all my 15 or so years of being a vehicle owner (don't do the math please :P). They just seem to be built sturdier and after market parts are always considerably cheaper and easier to come by than other brands.

For more information on the all-new Yaris, log on to Toyota Motor Philippines’ official website;, or visit the official Toyota Facebook page at 

You can also contact their Customer Assistance Center at 819 2912 or visit any of the 41 authorized Toyota dealer outlets nationwide. 


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