ayala style origins 2014: menswear

Ayala Style Origins was held the same day as Nikola's (my daughter) birthday. Since we were also planing to have dinner in Greenbelt, I decided to take her along with me to watch the show. 

I wasn't sure wether she would appreciate it or not but I like exposing her to as many different forms of art possible to make her aware of the many choices and opportunities available for her.

Just as I expected, she got restless during cocktails and the pre-show. I can't blame her, despite the many outdoor air-conditioners, it was still pretty humid.

Thankfully, she started to settle down as soon as we were able to seat ourselves and catch Joey Mead and RJ Ledesma take the stage to host the show.

I was expecting to be bombarded with complaints throughout the fashion show but what I got was the total opposite of that. As soon as the first model strutted down the runway, she was quiet, attentive...and that's how she stayed throughout the entire 30 minutes or so that it lasted. Quite a feat when it isn't Nickelodeon providing the entertainment.

The designers who participated in the Menswear Show for Ayala Style Origins were successful in doing what every designer must aspire to accomplish: which is to inspire all ages and leave their mouths gaping in awe after a glimpse of their creations.

Out of the box thinking led these fashion designers to utilize materials such as plastic for eye catching outerwear and "teddy bear material" for an outfit worthy of a stylish overnight snuggle in.

Each piece that walked down that runway was meticulously put together and envisioned. You could almost see the passion pouring out of the ensembles as they passed by...and there was not a shortage of diversity.

From heavily embellished matador-like outfits to the ultra minimal Japanese, many were represented and all impeccable without exception.

A standing ovation to all those who lent their talents towards making Ayala Style Origins one of the most unforgettable shows of the season.