ballistic case review and demo - perfecting protection

A Ballistic Case launch was held a few weeks ago but I wasn't able to make it due to some personal circumstances.

Normally, when things like that happen, I just let it slide, but this time around, I messaged the PR on the off-chance of still being able to review and experience a Ballistic Case for myself because I was totally impressed with a sample I saw and wanted to share it with you guys.

Luckily, they agreed so here you go, my review and demo of the Ballistic Urbanite for iPhone 5/5s.

ballistic case white
Before I go on, here are some interesting things that I think you should know...

Ballistic Cases outperform the leading competition in protective gadget cases: In six-foot corner drop tests, the Ballistic SG Maxx, for example, cut g-forces that can damage dropped phones by 17.6 percent compared to the OtterBox Commuter and by 27.3 percent when matched against the OtterBox Armor. Meanwhile, in eight-foot corner drop tests, the Ballistic Hard Core outperformed OtterBox  competitors, reducing g-forces by 26.9 percent compared to the OtterBox Defender.

ballistic case review
This extreme form of protection is due to HexTec™ Six-Sided Drop Protection technology, which includes Ballistic Corners®, to protect against cracked screens, as well as raised lips and corners to protect against scratches. The technology safeguards valuable devices from impacts on the front, back, or corners.

Every Ballistic case offers at least six feet of certified drop protection, with some models offering protection up to 12 feet.

ballistic case demo
So now that we've established that probably no other case in the market can offer the same level of protection as a Ballistic Case. Let me tell you what I truly love about it...

  • extremely lightweight - it hardly weighs a thing, it almost feels like having a "naked case"
  • ergonomic design - it feels great in the palm of my hands, it fits like a glove and is extremely easy to grab
  • price - despite it's many advantages, a Ballistic Urbanite sells for only P1290 which is pretty much the average selling price of all branded cellphone cases that don't offer any protection, mostly just cuteness.
Because of my utter lack of videography skills, check out the many times we abused a Ballistic case just to demonstrate how totally protected our device is despite being dropped in different angles. (we did a lot more takes than what finally made the final cut but I decided to delete the rest to make the video quick)

You can hear us shrieking in the video because it was pretty nerve-wracking to drop our iPhone on purpose despite knowing it's protected. Thankfully, Ballistic lived up to it's promise and our gadgets remained unscathed during each and every drop! :)

Ballistic cases are available in the Philippines at Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Quick Sound, Celplus, Datalink Technologies, Digital Hub, District 32, Ecentral Cellphone Electronics, iGig, iStore, iStudio, iCenter, iBook, Switch, JMB Albay, Lenin Computer System, Mobile 1, Seatac, Wellworth, Sync, Technopop, Urbanize and Vertex.

For more information regarding the sales and distribution of Ballistic cases, visit Digits Trading on Facebook and Twitter.

***Special thanks to my Crossfit Greenhills Box friends Milo and Jana Uncanin for helping me out with the video. :)

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