beauty staycation at sofitel manila

Hotel Staycations are fast becoming a trend for city-dwellers like us who sometimes don't have enough free time to hit the streets for an out of town/country vacation. We check into hotels during weekends in the hopes of being rejuvenated for the busy work week ahead.

Always a visionary in their field, Sofitel Manila takes advantage of their luxury resort hotel reputation to up the "Hotel Staycation" game and bring you their "Beauty Staycation" packages that were developed alongside Vietura - their in-house aesthetic lifestyle center.

Before I begin, let me just say that a Beauty Staycation is sooo different from what I'm used to as compared to previous weekend check-ins. "Hotel Staycations" for me used to mean over-indulgence on food and alcohol. I would make the most out of the hotel buffet and cap the night off with several bottles of wine. It's fun but I usually leave the hotel bloated and more tired than when I checked-in.

A Beauty Staycation is the complete opposite. I left the hotel feeling rejuvenated and pretty. Not a bad combination :P Here's why:

The pampering began the minute I checked in.

Welcoming me into my room was a personally handwritten note by their GM wishing me a wonderful stay.

beauty staycation at sofitel manila
Accomodations weren't all that bad either :P

beauty staycation at sofitel manila
And to top it all of...a pretty display of fresh fruits, orange madeleines and a nice bottle of red wine...Just one this time. ;) Nothing like a glass or two put you in a perfect mood for relaxation, right?

beauty staycation sofitel
Sofitel Manila's Beauty Staycations come in three packages that are tailored to suit your different needs.

You can choose between Summer Perfection, Timeless Beauty and Detox Retreat.

vietura sofitel
Summer Perfection is for those who want to slim down. It includes an overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for 2 at Spiral, 30 minute slimming massage at Le Spa, Nutritional Counseling, 2 sessions of Lipocryo and Ultraskin Tight at Vietura + exclusive access to SoFit, Sofitel's state of the art fitness facility.

Timeless Beauty turns back time with an anti-aging program that includes and overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, 30 minute rejuventating massage at Le Spa, complimentary yoga class, nutritional counseling, 15 minute Resolift Treatment and one session of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): a revolutionary antiaging program that smoothens even the deepest wrinkles.

For those who want to cleanse their body of unwanted toxins, try the Detox Retreat which includes: an overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, 30 minute De-Stress massage at Le Spa, complimentary Yoga class, nutritional counseling, 15 minute Ultralipo treatment and one session of Colonics Hydrotherapy at Vietura.

My first day at Sofitel began with a few hours spent for myself to unwind in my posh accommodations and enjoy the food and drinks at Club Millesime. It was soon followed by a consultation at Vietura to determine which of the Beauty Staycation packages were best suited for my needs.

After a thorough discussion with one of their wellness consultants, it was decided that the Timeless Beauty package was most relevant to my age and immediate needs.

vietura sofitel
They set an appointment for me the following day. I was to try their Resolift Treatment and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

In the meantime, I was free to enjoy the night with a buffet at Spiral and a chance to sample the new De-Light menu.

de-light cuisine at spirals sofitel
After a nice meal, I was ushered to Le Spa for a calming massage before bedtime.

le spa sofitel
Which was thankfully followed by peaceful slumber (I usually have trouble sleeping away from home. Thank god for those goose down pillows!).
I was up bright and early the next day for a Yoga session at SoFit and a rewarding breakfast at Spiral.

sofit sofitel
I ended my Beauty Staycation at Sofitel with treatments at Vietura.

Like I said earlier, I left Sofitel Manila hesitantly, wanting to stay longer...(who wouldn't, right?) But of course, I had to get back to work and reality.

Unlike regular staycations, my Beauty Staycation left me feeling stronger, healthier, rejuvenated and super radiant.

Will share my experiences further in separate review posts on Le Spa, SoFit, Vietura and the new De-Light Menu of Spiral in the next couple of days. It's too long to fit it all in one post but don't worry, I hopefully won't take that long :)

In the meantime, you may visit: and connect with them on facebook:, Twitter: and Instagram for more info regarding Sofitel Manila's Beauty Staycations.


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