bluewater day spa: lifestyle redefined

As early as last year, I would categorize spa visits as a luxury. Although I always knew in the back of my head that regular massages do wonders for your circulation to prevent all sorts of disease, I never really saw it as a necessity until this year when I started to really open my eyes and embrace healthier living.

On my street alone, there are about 5 spas. They've been sprouting like mushrooms in recent years. How do you sift the good from the bad, the worth visiting to the better left untried bracket?

As a pioneer in the industry, Bluewater Day Spa recognizes the high demand for a good massage, something that will leave you contented and satisfied. They also would like to change the mindset of people who see the spa as a luxury. 

Nowadays, with our busy schedules and grueling traffic that is enough to send anyone into the loony bin, it is important to take time for ourselves to rest, rejuvenate, de-stress and allow our inner beauty to reach out.

Bluewater Day Spa addresses this need with the release of their new campaign called "Lifestyle Redefined".

Lifestyle Redefined turns the spa experience into a necessity by offering affordable and relevant hotel-like services to the public.

They offer a wide range of non-invasive treatments and pamper sessions tailor-made to suit everyone's different needs.

They have also employed a roster of popular actors and actresses  who embody a healthy lifestyle as brand ambassadors.

Personalities such as Iya Villania, Aljur Abrenica, Ian Batherson,Mikaela Lagdameo- Martinez, Fabio Ide, Kim Suiza and the Semerad Twins, Anthony and David and several others were chosen to inspire us not only to stay fit and healthy but also to reward and heal our bodies after a heavy workout or a tiring day at the office.

According to Iya : “It is important for celebrities like us to take care of ourselves since people will see it when you’re stressed because it will show in your skin,”

Aljur and Ian go to the spa for their soothing massage and pampering treatments.  They also love that their favorite wellness center allows them to bond with their friends at the Spa Theater, a first and only in the Philippines from BlueWater Day Spa.

“My favorite BlueWater Day Spa treatment is the Revita Firm and Revita Shape treatments.  Using the technology of heat, it is a non-invasive approach to tighten the skin and lift it at the same time,” says Mikaela. 

Also launched at the event held at Marco Polo Hotel yesterday was two new massages: the Eman Massage and the Brazilian Hand and Foot Massage. Both are exclusive to Bluewater Day Spa and are definite "must-trys."

BlueWater Day Spa currently has six (6) branches: Ortigas-Greenhills (7278420), Makati (8173126), Capitol Hills (9524829), Eastwood City (9151247), Tomas Morato (4865584), Cotabato City (09276031084) and Naga City (09177391822).  They are also open for Franchising.

For more information, you may visit their website:, or be in the loop through their social media accounts,, and instagram: bwdspa.