carbon audio pocket speaker review/demo

When buying a Bluetooth speaker, we are normally forced to choose between two options:
  • Do we want something small and travel-friendly with average sound quality?
  • Do we want something for our home that's loud enough to resonate through our living space (but usually never handy enough to take along on trips)?

Believe it or not, the Pocket Speaker by Carbon Audio marries the best of both worlds in one tiny package that fits in most pockets!

carbon audio pocket speaker

I didn't do any background research before unboxing my pocket speaker. I didn't know what to fact I wasn't expecting much.

Because of its size, I was expecting a decent sounding speaker good enough for watching movies on my laptop like most other speakers that are similar in size and appearance.

There really is not much to its packaging, just a clear plastic shell that holds the speaker snuggly and a box that contains it's only accessory: USB/auxiliary charging cable.

carbon audio pocket speaker review
The speaker itself weighs only 5.75 oz. and measures  2.6 x 5.1 x 0.9 (H x W x D, in inches) with a price tag of P4,950.

carbon audio speaker review
I can imagine most people who haven't experienced or heard about it passing it up at the store and going for a larger speaker instead (of roughly the same value) due to its seemingly hefty price tag against its minute size. Most speakers this size only cost around P1000+.

carbon audio pocket speaker price
But guys, you have got to give this speaker a chance.

In the case of Carbon Audio's Pocket Speaker, size doesn't necessarily equal to clarity or loudness. It will blow your mind away. The first thing that came out of my mouth after testing it was "WOW". No other speaker I have tested has managed to squeeze those words out of me.

I was surprised at how LOUD, ROUND and CLEAR its output was despite it size. (It's a small miracle, a design and engineering marvel, seriously!)

It's even louder than the Bluetooth speaker that I usually use at home.
The only drawback - probably due to its small size - is that it tends to buzz under full volumes on certain songs (when tested using Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen) but performed alright throughout America's Ventura Highway.

carbon audio pocket speaker review philippines
To give you a better idea, I live in a roughly 150 sq. m condo. The music produced by my Pocket Speaker manages to travel from farthest end to farthest end.

carbon audio philippines
Turning it on and pairing is easy with an indicator light and a couple of sound effects to tell you that it's on, pairing and paired. Some people don't like this feature but I am quite happy about it because it gets rid of the guessing game that I sometimes have to play with other speakers.

To turn on and pair, just hold down the respective buttons for a few seconds until you hear a sound.

carbon audio pocket speaker demo
The charger port is found discreetly on its side and it is also where you attach your auxiliary cable when you want to use it with a device that is not Bluetooth capable.

carbon audio pocket speaker demo
For a more hands on experience, here's a demo of the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker paired with my iPad Mini using music from YouTube and compared with the sound of my small Nude Audio speakers that are roughly the same size (but in a different price range and market) in a non-controlled environment.

The difference is quite audible but I strongly suggest to try it personally at the store for maximum effect.

Conclusion: If you want a Bluetooth speaker that does everything with an affordable price tag, get a Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker. It's the loudest and best performing speaker I've ever tried at it's size. It's perfect for travelling and loud enough for the home.

PS. For a stereo and SUPER LOUD experience, pair two Pocket Speakers together, just simultaneously press on their Bluetooth buttons. Cute right, perfect for his and hers speakers that you can use when your're together or away from each other. :P

Carbon Audio is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading and is available at all Beyond The Box, Digital Walker and Astrovision stores nationwide.

For more info and other colors available, connect with Digits Trading socially on Facebook and Instagram (@digitstradingph)