crossfit greenhills - what to expect on your first day (baseline)

So you now you took your trial class (or not) and decided to finally take the plunge and enroll in Crossfit 101.


Here's what you should expect on your first day.

baseline crossfit
Unlike regular class, CF101 always begins with a lecture. The topics vary. Sometimes it's about basic skills, other times, health or diet issues. The lectures don't take very long. Just a few minutes and then you're off to your warm-up session.

On your first day, instead of a WOD (workout of the day) after skills training, you will be asked to do the "Baseline" (which will be timed).

The Baseline gauges your fitness level  and you will be asked to do it again on your graduation to see how far you've improved.

I will not lie. After years of no exercise, doing the baseline was hard. It felt like torture and halfway through, I had begun entertaining thoughts of quitting. The only thing that kept me going was seeing my batch-mates. Despite belonging to different age groups, body types and fitness levels, they were all pushing themselves to finish. It got me thinking..."If they can do it, why can't I?"
And so I did. The sense of accomplishment I felt afterwards was priceless. I felt like a soldier heading home from a triumphant war.

(ps. If you're worried about not being physically capable of doing a squat/pull-up or whatever, don't worry. There are different progressions and easier ways to accomplish each movement.)

crossfit greenhills wod
But still, on my walk home (I could barely walk by the way), I had thoughts of never returning to the box.

I showered, went back to sleep, had lunch. And then the weirdest thing happened, something inside of me couldn't wait to go back.

cf101 batch 2 greenhills
I couldn't explain it before but after a little over a
month of training, I realized that it is the feeling of being able to do things that you never thought was possible before that sets Crossfit apart from other types of excercise and makes it very addicting.

crossfit manila
And guess what? It gets easier, a lot easier. So don't worry about it, don't have the same thoughts I had because there really is nothing to fear. The Baseline is hard but the following WODs won't feel as tough. They will still be challenging but not quite the same as your first day + your body constantly repairs itself to endure more difficult tasks daily. Crossfit keeps things exciting with just the right amount of challenge. It is not impossible to be a crossfitter.

If someone like me can do it (bisyo and all), so can you. :)

crossfit greenhills review
Once you start doing Crossfit, you will never want to workout by yourself anymore. Like I said in my previous post (see HERE), your box will soon feel like a family/an old group of friends hanging out, having fun and working out together.

I can't think of any other gym/fitness class that gets together to celebrate the "graduation" of a batch even if they belong to a different batch.
On our graduation day, Crossfit Greenhills members got together for a potluck dinner and movie night at the box:

movie night crossfit greenhills
It really is loads of fun and I can't wait to share it with you guys! Attend a FREE TRIAL class everyday Saturday at 2pm or...

For those interested, Crossfit Greenhills is now accepting members for Batch 3 of CF101!

for more info, call the numbers above/email or connect with them socially on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (@CFGreenhills)

Crossfit Greenhills is an affiliate of WodNation and is located at the 4th Floor, Intrawest Center, #33 Annapolis St, Greenhills, San Juan


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