kerasilk permanent blow dry by cynos

It seems like its turning into a tradition that I head to Azta Urban Salon before Bloggers United. Last December, I went in for a Chromabond (read more about that here). This time around, I was there to try a new service. The Kerasilk Permanent Blow Dry hair treatment by Cynos.

My warm welcome was a prelude of wonderful things to come within the next couple of hours...
I was greeted by friendly staff who served me yummy sausages by King Sue's The Kaiser Deli. After a few minutes, Dennis came by and brought me some hot coffee to pair with the yummy cupcakes that were also on display. (sweet noh? minsan lang yan. hahaha)

Anyway....Back to the treatment...

What is Kerasilk?

It's an innovative new treatment that allows you to skip the salon blow dry and simply wash and wear your hair for 3-4 months. (enough said, right?)


A hairstylist will shampoo your hair with Kerasilk's Purifying Shampoo. This special deep cleansing shampoo gets rid of residue and opens up your hair cuticles so it can better absorb Kerasilk's Hair Reconstructor.

Kerasilk's Hair Reconstructor comes in 2 fruity scents: a citrus and berry.

It's applied the same way as hair dye: section by section.

It revitalizes, straightens and softens your hair for a salon blow-dried look without any added effort on your part. Wash and wear for up to 3-4 months!

You need to leave it on for 30 minutes so why not get a maniped while waiting? I chose Shellac's new gel "Power Polish" in a rose gold shade.

Unlike regular gel polish, Shellac does not damage your natural nail during the removal process. It's also "3-FREE" which means it doesn't include Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) in its list of ingredients.

What I love most? It dries super just a minute or so which gave me enough time to enjoy my cupcake and not worry about damaging it the way I normally would with a regular polish. Seriously, I hardly bother anymore because like 5 minutes out of the nail salon and my nails already get ruined. This one stayed put even after wearing my shoes almost immediately after getting my toes done.

Back to Kerasilk...Why the goggles?
To protect the eyes...there are times when you might feel as if someone's chopping onions beside you. :P If you feel a similar discomfort, don't be alarmed, just ask for goggles and laugh it off.

It doesn't take that long anyway. After 30 minutes, your hairstylist will proceed to blow-dry your hair. They don't rinse it off and you're not supposed to wash it for 24 hours after getting the treatment.

The whole process takes only about an hour and a half of your day. Not bad considering the hours you get to save everyday by not blowdrying before stepping out, your hair will love you for it as well. No more heat damage, just soft, silky strands and absolutely NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS for 4 months.

This is what it looks like after and what it will continue to look like everyday for 4 months. Frizz is totally eliminated. Yay, I am already less stressed knowing that I have one less thing to worry about everyday.

To achieve long lasting results, make sure to use Kerasilk's Keratin Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner as post maintenance care. Follow up with a dollop or two of Cynos Moroccan Argan Oil after bath for lust-worthy hair everyday.

for more info on Kerasilk and other products, connect socially with:

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