my #bu7 outfit

Back when I was in high school and TLC, Hip Hop, baggy pants and crop tops were all the rage, it was a big frustration of mine to fit into one. I would starve myself and live on Sky Flakes for days but nothing would come of it. Sooner or later, I gave up and just accepted my chubbiness as cute.

Fast forward to almost twenty years...and I can finally look fairly decent in one!

After about a month of doing crossfit (more here), my mid-section has toned for the first time ever and I couldn't be happier especially now that it's summer and it's super hot. Definitely makes dressing up easier. And because it's backed by muscle, it doesn't bulge much even after eating! No more of those "just a salad" days when flashing a bit of belly skin!

And also because I've waited two whole decades for this to happen, I am now totally into high-waist bottoms and tiny tops :P

This was my outfit during last week's Bloggers United 7 at the MetroTent. Wore it again to the Pismo launch the other day because I wasn't able to document it during the bazaar. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to drop by! :)

frontrow shop white wide leg  trousers with split side
white pants street style
wide leg pants street style
frontrowshop wide leg trousers
topshop crop top | frontrowshop wideleg pants (see here) | memorata by CLN mules | nick automatic sunglasses

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Armaine Yapyuco said…
Don't worry about not looking decent in a crop top! You definitely look great! I, for one, would totally wish I could be able to pull it off, but I'd have to work hard to try and loose a couple of pounds before that could happen! :( Loving your bag, by the way! :)
sarahtirona said…
thank you Armaine, been working really hard for it :)
Marie said…
Love the black and white look!