sm woman launch at philippine fashion week holiday 2014

I haven't gotten this excited about a Philippine Fashion Week show in awhile.

The launch of SM Woman yesterday at the SMX surpassed all my expectations and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Calm is not a word to describe how I felt last night.

Here's why:

phfw 2014
First off, the pre-show was hosted by Teresa Herrera.

sm woman philippine fashion week
Of all local fashion icons, she is my ultimate fave and I aspire to become like her when I reach her age. To this day, she is still able to pull-off any outfit with utmost style and grace doesn't matter if she's dolled up in a dress or clad in shorts and an over-sized top at a music festival. She always looks perfect. (love you! :-*)

teresa herrera
Second, the show.

Not to exaggerate...I was overwhelmed with gratitude that finally, a brand has emerged that truly expresses my personal style aesthetic. Looking at SM Woman's debut collection felt like taking a peek at my closet.

I would wear 90% of the clothes that I witnessed gracing the runway last night.

Ruffled hem skirts, neoprene, digital prints, crop tops...that's all me! And it is extremely evident in my ootd's.  I used to have to order most of my clothes abroad or spend small fortunes in ZARA but now with SM Woman, a top only costs around P500-P600. Imagine all the money I'll be able to save!

And the quality + fit of the clothes are so good. The fabrics they use are top-grade.

Their debut collection includes a wide variety of styles to suit different needs and occasions. Wether you're planning an office wardrobe, going to the the beach, looking for a cocktail dress or wanting to update your casual pieces, SM Woman has "got it all for you". ;)

And in no less than extremely fashion forward styles.

sm woman holiday 2014
Here's a sneekpeak:

Last night's was truly one of the best shows I have ever seen at Philippine Fashion Week.

The new SM Woman collection is now available at The SM Store.

for more info, connect with SM Woman socially on Facebook:, Twitter: @_smwoman and Instagram: @SMWoman